Worldfavor | Digital Sustainability Platform
Wherever you are on your journey, Worldfavor enables you to gather, manage and visualize your organization's sustainability and compliance – all in one collaborative platform.
Sustainability Platform
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Meet our solutions


Manage sustainability and reporting across business units


Visualize your efforts in powerful ways, beyond the annual report


Assess and promote sustainability in the value chain


Share your sustainability and compliance data with partners

What’s your industry reporting on?

We’ve launched Worldfavor Sustainability Insights – a free tool that gives you insights on the most reported sustainability areas in your industry. View relevant areas from GRI Standards and the matching Sustainable Development Goals.


Companies and counting




International Standards

All the frameworks you need – automatically linked – GRI, Global Compact, SDGs, ISO standards and many more

Sustainability Reporting with Ease


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Why Worldfavor?

digital work process

Working digitally helps you structure your progress and collaborate with peers


Engage your stakeholders in your progress with powerful and dynamic visualization

automated compilation

Automate the compilation of your sustainability data and see results in clear analytics

Time to unlock sustainability


Managing sustainability is hard. At least when the information is locked in silos. Reporting, requesting and communicating sustainability has for long been done in scattered, old-fashioned ways.


Worldfavor is a platform for the 21st century. It makes your information and workflows digital in the first place, a lot simpler to manage. It then connects you to any other organization in the world, if you want to. For sharing your own data, or for accessing someone else’s, such as a supplier’s or a portfolio company’s.


All through one platform. All digital. All simple. As it should be.

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