The ESG platform for insights and action

Worldfavor’s ESG platform helps investors, supply chains, and corporations to manage data and drive sustainability. Improving your ESG performance has never been easier!

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For PE and VC investors

Monitor and boost portfolio ESG

  • Integrate ESG and monitor performance
  • Track SFDR, CSRD, and voluntary initiatives
  • Generate reports with a click
  • Portfolio enablement tools and guidance
For supply chains

Engage your entire supply chain

  • Get baseline, identify risks and ESG performance
  • Actionable insights from high quality data and analytics
  • Track legislation, like CSDDD and CSRD
  • Monitor and reduce supply chain emissions

Free for companies sharing data

  • Minimal reporting load
  • CO2 calculator
  • Guidance and ESG learning

Why Worldfavor's ESG platform

Actual data from the source

Worldfavor's platform lets you collect and access data directly from companies in your value chain – no estimates. High-quality, primary ESG data enables you to take sustainable action and drive positive, long-term impact.

Sustainability expertise

Our sustainability experts are on top of the ESG landscape and follow market trends across industries and countries. We help you set your ESG scope and keep the platform up to date as the legislation evolve. No need for consultants.

Tools that empower others

Worldfavor is a win-win for everyone. Give the companies in your value chain the tools to be proactive, from a CO2 calculator to learning materials, our user-friendly platform simplifies the reporting process. The best part? It's free.

Track relevant ESG metrics

Collect all ESG data that are key to your business. Our platform empowers you to seamlessly monitor crucial environmental, social, and governance aspects through readily available disclosures. Explore our extensive library or customize disclosures tailored to your company's unique needs.



Climate change resilience

Value-chain emissions


Biodiversity & deforestation

Environmental compliance

Water management practices

Renewable energy





Human Rights Due Diligence

Labor rights

Forced labor




Child Labor

UN Global Compact




Code of Conduct


Anti bribery



Data privacy

Information security



ESG data needs we support


Manage your SFDR reporting with Worldfavor. Track PAI indicators, good governance practices, and EU Taxonomy alignment, and share your PAI statement with a click.

human rights

Perform Supply Chain Due Diligence in line with CSDDD and collect human rights due diligence data from your supply chain. Get actionable insights to comply with HRDD legislation, like Åpenhetsloven, LkSG, and international standards, such as the OECD guidelines.


Disclose sustainability information required by the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive by tracking environmental, social, and governance metrics through Worldfavor.

ghg protocol emissions
Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions

Measure and reduce your company’s climate impact with scope 1, 2, and 3 emission data and work towards net zero. Companies that report to you get a free CO2 calculator that guides them to report their emissions.


Set your scope and calculate your emissions. Follow the Science Based Targets initiative and make sure you have a consistent way of minimizing your climate impact with Worldfavor's platform.


Report your ESG data as required by the upcoming European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). Leverage Worldfavor to stay ahead of requirements and seamlessly align with the standards.

Join a network of over 30.000 companies worldwide

Nudie Jeans uses Worldfavor's platform for building a transparent supply chain, and developing sustainability within its organization.

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By using Worldfavor for data collection, StartGreen Capital has improved its ESG data quality, allowing it to calculate its portfolio companies' CO2 reductions.

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O'Neill conducts risk and performance analysis in both social and environmental areas, and has expanded its human rights due diligence activities, improving corporate social responsibility.

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Visma uses Worldfavor to track the carbon footprint and for understanding the overall impact of their organization and owned companies globally.

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Worldfavor can help you today

  • Scale ESG scope as you go
  • Strong analytics tool
  • Free for companies sharing data