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Use Worldfavor's sustainability platform to drive transparency and sustainability in every step of your value chain. Better for your business. Better for our world.

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Your go-to platform for sustainability

Worldfavor’s network is used by 20,000+ organizations to access and share sustainability and compliance information.

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“Worldfavor boosts our global staff engagement in sustainability work and informs all our business decisions.”

Annika Hansson, Sustainability at Oatly
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Our solutions

Drive transparency and sustainability in every step of your value chain

Sustainability Management

Managing sustainability just got easier

Reach your goals without the hassle. Collect and analyze data automatically – keep it easy with seamless team collaboration and beautiful dashboards. We’ve got you covered with the international frameworks you need.

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Sustainable Sourcing Kickstart

The easiest  way to assess supply chain sustainability risks 

Uncover hidden supply chain risks before they become a problem. Sit back and let our automated risk assessment work for you. The easiest way to start building a sustainable supply chain to be proud of.

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Sustainable Sourcing

Supply chain sustainability at scale 

Unlock the insights you need about your supply chain to drive transparency and build resilience. Automatically collect and analyze data and transform it into actionable insights. Know your supply chain, maximize impact and minimize risks. Sustainable supplier relations have never been easier.

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Supply Chain Visibility

Say hello to a multi-tier supply chain clear as day

Achieve a transparent and visible multi-tier supply chain by visualizing your impact on every level. Get specific with quality crowd-sourced data to map out every tier and use the product mapping function to break down your supply chain for a specific product or category. Talk about taking responsibility.

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Sustainable investments

Sustainability is your best ROI

Easily track and propel your portfolio companies' sustainability performance. Get an overview of your investments' impact and empower each company to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risk.

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