Worldfavor for TRANSPARENCY

ESG data on companies you care about

Whether you want ESG information on your portfolio companies, customers, or suppliers – Worldfavor enables you to access standardized and comparable ESG information on companies globally. Utilize the information to inspire progress and empower a more transparent and sustainable future. 



Access ESG information at scale 


Source ESG information hard to get

Worldfavor enables you to manage and collect the qualitative and actual ESG information you need on portfolio companies, clients, and suppliers in one place. Uncover ESG risks and opportunities and maximize your impact. Fully digital and automated – we provide you with the easiest way to access the insights you need on SMEs and other companies. Information that no other traditional vendor or ranking covers.

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Aligned with ESG frameworks & regulations

Our smart and dynamic Sustainability data framework covers a comprehensive set of ESG data points based on leading standards, frameworks, and best practices among organizations in the forefront. It brings together the data needs of the most commonly used frameworks and regulations, such as GRI, SFDR, UN Global Compact, TCFD, and many more. It's not another framework – it's simply one framework to cover them all.

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Meaningful comparisons and insights

Screen, compare, filter, and gain insights to inform your decisions with comparable and standardized ESG data on your portfolio companies, clients, or suppliers. Make meaningful comparisons with industry peers - Worldfavor will in the near future offer relevant segment benchmarks on securely aggregated, anonymized data.

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Reach all stakeholders with your ESG data

Are you tired of responding to the growing number of ESG spreadsheets and questionnaires from investors, customers, and other important business stakeholders? Easily create your Transparency profile and share your ESG information with all your stakeholders from one place. Sharing ESG data in Worldfavor is simple, intuitive, and free of charge.

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Sustainability doesn't work without transparency

Our Sustainable Finance, Sustainable Investments, and Sustainable Sourcing solutions allow you to access, collect and manage standardized ESG data at scale. Track your ESG risks and opportunities in a digitized and automated way.

Get started and invite your suppliers, portfolio companies, or clients to share their data free of charge to enable a more transparent and sustainable future. 

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Supported by leading actors

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We are convinced that sustainability doesn't work without transparency, and that’s why we are proud to introduce Worldfavor Transparency solution to the world. We are committed to making sustainable business mainstream and to empower organizations globally to access and share standardized ESG data, benchmark their work and gain the insights they need to make fully informed decisions.” 


“Oatly communicates openly and strives to be a transparent company because we want consumers to make informed and conscious choices and to have confidence in us and our products. We also emphasize transparency within the food industry. Worldfavor Transparency solution will make our sustainability data even easier to access. Transparency is a driving force for sustainability!” 

Annika Hansson, Sustainability Reporting Senior Manager, Oatly

“All companies, regardless of size and industry, are facing increased demand for ESG-transparency from customers, financial providers, and regulators. It’s in our common interest to speed up the transformation towards a more sustainable society.” 

Roger Josefsson, Head of Sustainability at Danske Bank Sweden

“The Transparency Initiative brings us one step further towards an important end goal – comparable and easily accessible ESG data. The number of suppliers, partners, and customers we are evaluating based on ESG data is growing – a trend we also see in our industry. Using the Transparency solution, companies can share fundamental ESG data with their stakeholders once. Thereby, they may avoid receiving time-consuming and re-occurring information requests from multiple B2B relations.” 

Katrin Madita Eickers, Program Manager – Sustainable Procurement, Tryg

“We support the Transparency Initiative to encourage and empower sustainable business – across various industries and businesses of all sizes.” 

Linda Mannerby, Sustainability Director, Grant Thornton

Easily access comparable ESG data