Worldfavor sustainability platform

Why Worldfavor is the #1 alternative 

Worldfavor is the natural alternative for supply chain sustainability software. Why? We make ESG data and sustainability accessible – to everyone.

Easy and accessible for all parties

Why choose Worldfavor

Worldfavor’s platform is intuitive and easy to use for all; both you as a company and for your suppliers. Access relevant ESG data from your suppliers and benchmark your performance on real time data instead of ratings that might be skewed or lacking in accuracy. Worldfavor's network is open to everyone and always free for suppliers.

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Join Worldfavor's network together with 25.000+ users and reach your sustainability goals

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Remove the barriers

Collect only relevant ESG data

Don’t burden your suppliers with anything that isn’t relevant to them. Invite them to Worldfavor and receive only necessary information that they can and should be transparent about. Worldfavor’s platform screens the maturity level of your suppliers based on standardized data questionnaires and adapts all follow-up questions to match what's material to them – and to you.

Always free for suppliers

Don't let costs get in the way of your transparency

Using Worldfavor is always free for your suppliers – no matter how big or small they are. Remove the barriers for them to report to you and ensure that even small suppliers who might pose a risk to your supply chain can afford to share their data with you, while ensuring a high response rate and top of the line data quality!

Real time data

No ratings, just accurate ESG data

Benchmark on true and real time ESG data that your suppliers and other stakeholders have disclosed in the Worldfavor network. Let the data speak for itself and compare your own performance to others in your field. Make informed and data-driven decisions about your supply chain sustainability. No second guessing the data in ratings and estimates.

An open network

Standardized data fosters transparency

Worldfavor's network is open to everyone who wants to share their sustainability data with stakeholders. The data in the platform is based on standard ESG metrics, which makes the information comparable and scalable. That's true transparency.

Suppliers use Worldfavor for free

We've removed all the barriers standing between you and quality data from your suppliers. Companies of all sizes can join Wolrdfavor's network to share data and follow their own progress over time.

Compare standardized ESG data

The information you can access in Worldfavor's platform is based on standard ESG data. It means it easy to compare suppliers against each other, but also benchmark your own performance to other companies of interest.

Support suppliers' sustainability

By inviting suppliers to Worldfavor you encourage them to start their own sustainability journey. The platform adapts to their maturity level and they can follow their own progress over time and make their own sustainable choices. A sustainable snowball effect!

Worldfavor brings value to us, our suppliers, and shops which encourages them to share data. Because of this, we've increased our response rate from suppliers and shops – we have better data and more of it than ever.

Sandya Lang, Sustainability manager at Nudie Jeans

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