GHG emission calculator

Easily calculate the carbon footprint of your organization, your supply chain, or your portfolio companies. This is how!



Worldfavor's solutions make it easier than ever to follow-up, calculate and aggregate your organization's scope 1,2, and 3 emissions. 

CO2 calculator in Worldfavor - how it works: 

  • Get your hands on all the data you need to calculate your emissions

  • Let the platform work for you with automated calculations and aggregations 

  • Gain insights on your carbon footprint without errors and gaps, using a GHG emission calculator

  • Easily follow your progress and enable proactivity

  • Create smooth, person-independent collaboration that stretches over the entire organization.


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25.000+ organizations in over 130 countries use Worldfavor to streamline sustainability data and enable informed decisions. 

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Easily calculate the emissions of your organization

Use Worldfavor Sustainability Management to get your hands on all the data you need to calculate your organization's carbon footprint.

  • Let the platform work for you and automate data collection, calculations, and aggregations.

  • Gain insights on your subsidiaries' emissions and get the data you need to communicate transparently about your work.  

  • Create smooth, person-independent collaboration that stretches over the entire organization.


Calculate the emissions of your supply chain 

Handling scope 3 emissions can be hard and troublesome. Ease the work with Worldfavor Sustainable Sourcing and let the platform manage the work for you.

  • Easliy follow-up and gain insights on the carbon footprint of your supply chain thanks to automation and digitization. 

  • Invite your suppliers to report their data for free and enable them to keep track of their progressions over time.

  • Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and scattered data, easily collaborate, and let the platform manage the calculations and aggregations for you.

Worldfavor GHG emission calculator

Follow-up and understand the carbon footprint of your portfolio

Worldfavor Sustainable Investment is the ultimate tool to manage, calculate, and gain insights into your portfolio's carbon footprint. Our sustainability experts make sure that you can kickstart the work in no time. 

  • Automate the work and let the platform do the data collection, aggregation, and calculations for you.

  • Gain all the insights you need and align your work with international frameworks and regulations. 

  • Invite your portfolio companies to report for free, follow their own progress over time and equip them with their tools with the right tools to future-proof their business.

"We save time and effort from having to double-check and cross-check data manually. It’s now possible to get an overview of the data automatically in Worldfavor."


Worldfavor GHG emission calculator

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