A sustainable future of automotive glass

With Stefan Clijnk, Member of the Board and Sustainability Lead, and Marco Moreno, Executive Chairman and CEO.

Automotive Glass Experts (AGE) is a global network of automotive glass service providers with more than 15 years of experience. AGE uses Worldfavor to collect all relevant ESG data from their members, and make more informed decisions about how to minimize their impact and risk.


AGE recognized the need for a platform that could help them meet customer and partner sustainability expectations, and reduce CO2 emissions. With a commitment to sustainability, AGE saw the urgent need to address these challenges and intensified its efforts to become the green choice in the industry.


AGE chose Worldfavor to collect data on their emissions that would be cost-effective, standardizable, and with the lowest possible amount of work for its members. Worldfavor plays a central role in AGE's journey toward carbon neutrality, ensuring accessibility to emission measurement for all their members, regardless of their sustainability experience.


Worldfavor enables AGE to assist all members in accurately measuring CO2 emissions, standardizing processes, and making them accessible. AGE reviews aggregated data via Worldfavor's platform to pinpoint major emission sources. With Worldfavor's experts, AGE can address complex emission challenges efficiently.


Who is AGE?

AGE is a non-profit organization comprised of automotive glass service providers, established in 2008 with four founding members. Today, AGE operates across 21 countries in Europe, South Africa, Asia, and North America, serving as a leading authority in its sector. As a member-driven entity, AGE is dedicated to empowering its members with resources and insights to uphold the highest standards in automotive glass replacement and repair services, ensuring their competitiveness within the industry. Through providing best practices, knowledge sharing, and international collaboration, AGE facilitates collective growth and expertise utilization. Committed to innovation and sustainability, AGE seeks to future-proof its services and mitigate its environmental footprint, aiming to achieve climate neutrality by 2025.

“We are excited to start our work with Worldfavor. We believe that this partnership will create even more opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment and together create a more sustainable and equitable future for everyone. I’m also happy to announce that this measurement and the use of the Worldfavor Platform will not have any cost for our current and future members.”

Marco Moreno, Executive Chairman and CEO

Sustainable strategizing

AGE is committed to creating value for its members, prioritizing competitiveness in automotive glass repair, and promoting sustainability. Existing measures, such as guidance on sustainable product purchasing and waste management, underscore this commitment. But more recently, the green transition highlighted sustainability's increasing importance for customers, partners, and insurers. AGE's expertise in increasing repair rates has attracted direct collaboration, given its potential for rapid emissions reduction. AGE aims to scale sustainability efforts to lead the industry in green practices by mitigating the emissions from production to transportation and chemical usage.


The right partner for members and the planet alike

During the development of their roadmap, AGE recognized that achieving carbon neutrality required accurately mapping emissions across all members. This meant that they needed a way to collect data on their emissions that would be cost-effective, standardizable, and with the lowest-possible amount of work for its members. “Our central goal is to become carbon neutral. But equally important is that we offer our members the right kind of strategy and solutions. Although all of our members are different, we wanted to help with measuring emissions in a way that is accessible to them regardless of their experience with sustainability,” explained Moreno.

Because AGE values and leverages the input of its members, when some of the most sustainability-advanced members explained how they were already using Worldfavor, AGE realized Worldfavor was exactly the solution they were looking for.


Smoothly building a resilient organization

Worldfavor allows AGE to help all of its members accurately measure their CO2 emissions. The organization wields the platform at an aggregated level where it can invite members to the system for free and set measurement questions for members to answer. This allows AGE to:

  • Standardize measurements while helping make the process accessible to members who are less experienced with sustainability

  • Review data on an aggregated level from a neat dashboard in order to understand what is causing the most emissions

  • Share valuable insights with its members, who also receive their own personalized dashboards to understand and improve their sustainability

  • Worldfavor's emissions experts supplement AGE's knowledge, addressing complex queries efficiently.

Going forward
Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand

With Worldfavor’s solution and support, the path to achieving carbon neutrality became much clearer, and AGE expects measurable benefits. “We have set the goal of becoming climate neutral in 2025 and are in the process of thoroughly implementing Worldfavor,” said Clijnk. “The solution has been introduced to our members, who responded enthusiastically to being able to take new steps with their sustainability. We think this will make a significant impact in our dealings with insurance companies for example.”

AGE’s central mission to bring value to its members and help them stay competitive will not change. The organization believes that progressing with sustainability will continue to be an important factor in helping its members stay competitive. To become the definitive green choice in its industry, AGE is looking to stay on top of these trends and continue to delve deeper into the sustainability needs of its members. With Worldfavor Sustainable Management, AGE feels they have a solution to successfully pursue this course moving forward.


“Repairing instead of replacing a windshield saves around 44 kilograms of CO2, or about the same amount as two full-grown trees can absorb in a year. When we looked at the thousands of customers our members help on a daily basis, we decided to set an ambitious course towards carbon neutrality.”


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