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Sustainability as a Part of Core Business

with Linda Mannerby, Head of Sustainability


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Grant Thornton Sweden is a part of the global network of Grant Thornton International Ltd. In Sweden, there are 1,200 employees spread across 24 offices and support approximately 27,000 companies on financial matters every year. Their vision is to create a prosperous business community where sustainable development plays a central role.



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Who is Grant Thornton?

Grant Thornton Sweden is made up of 1,200 employees in 24 offices and is part of the global network Grant Thornton International Ltd, which is active in 135 countries globally. In Sweden, Grant Thornton supports approximately 27,000 companies every year on financial matters and aim to create a prosperous business community where sustainable development plays a central role.

It is in these 27,000 companies that it witnesses a large impact on sustainability
issues today but also serious opportunities to make positive change. Thus, a central part of Grant Thornton's work focuses on training its customers to operate more sustainably.

Sustainability Scope

Grant Thornton's sustainability scope

Like many other companies, Grant Thornton's sustainability work is an ongoing journey. However, top management has prioritized sustainability work, which has strongly contributed to its rapid development within a relatively short time. In spring 2018, it integrated sustainability work into its overall business strategy in order to make sustainability a part of its core business model. This informed the mindset of the entire company, and as this work continues to develop internally, so too does it reflect in external customer relationships.



Syncing and scaling internal sustainability work

The collection of sustainability information from various internal units was previously done manually using Excel files. This was a time-consuming procedure, where the continuous work and follow-up became challenging and hard to manage. The ability to collect, sort, and analyze data on a detailed level was an important factor when Grant Thornton evaluated different sustainability platforms to use. Worldfavor's platform was the final choice because of its ability to do this smoothly and automatically.

“We have a variety of sources of information that need to be collected under the same umbrella and simultaneously described in tremendous detail. That we can do exactly this in Worldfavor is really good and valuable to us.”

Linda Mannerby, Head of Sustainability

A prosperous and sustainable business

Grant Thornton's first sustainability report was created in spring 2018 and designed with inspiration from the Integrated Reporting framework. The report covers its strategy, governance, results, and future opportunities to create value over time. The Integrated Reporting framework reflects Grant Thornton’s belief that this is the future of reporting – uncovering business opportunities but also working to inspire others.

“As for many companies, sustainability work is a journey, but we have taken big steps. We work with business strategy and goals that are linked Agenda 2030. Sustainability should be at the core of what we do."

Linda Mannerby, Head of Sustainability

Easier for everyone

Since the work with Worldfavor Sustainability Management has been expanded, management and follow-up have become easier, but it's also made it easier for more employees to contribute and work with sustainability data. Getting help with the basics and being able to gather the data in one place has been crucial for the work ahead, and Grant Thornton sees the advantage in possibly integrating Worldfavor's other sustainability solutions.

“It is a great advantage to have data collected in one place. Especially in the long-run when we have collected data from several periods – it will be easier to review, follow up, and share information.” – Linda Mannerby, Head of Sustainability

Solutions used in this case

Sustainability Management

Worldfavor's Sustainability Management solution enables organizations to understand and manage growing expectations on sustainable business practices.


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