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Future-proofing the portfolio for SFDR requirements

With Hana Uhlíková, Financial Manager.

VC fund Inven Capital was looking for an ESG platform to ramp up its sustainability work and establish a systemized approach to its ESG management. As its portfolio expanded and demands from LPs grew, the company sought a way to future-proof its ESG efforts and stay ahead of regulatory requirements.


Before Worldfavor, Inven Capital faced challenges with new and unclear expectations in regard to SFDR regulations. To stay informed, they needed a systemized approach to its ESG management.


Inven Capital elevates their ESG game with Worldfavor’s Sustainable Investment solution by aligning with SFDR mandates and enabling portfolio companies to calculate their emissions more effectively. They engage with stakeholders to harvest prime data, empowering green evolution.


Worldfavor has simplified ESG management, aligning with SFDR requirements, and empowers Inven Capital with expert insights, ensuring top-notch professionalism in ESG matters and streamlined compliance with evolving regulations.


Who is Inven Capital?

Inven Capital is a Czech-based venture capital fund focusing on climate tech investments, invested by ČEZ, a major European energy utility, and the European Investment Bank. As a venture capital fund they invest EUR 500m from institutional investors and global corporates in the most innovative startups in the world.

''Keeping up to date with market standards and reporting requirements with Worldfavor is a big help for me, as I don't have to follow the changes in the SFDR regulation so closely.''

Hana Uhlíková, financial manager, inven capital

Future-proof ESG efforts

As Inven Capital’s portfolio expands and demands from LPs are growing, the company aimed to find a way to future-proof its ESG efforts. The relatively new and, at times, unclear SFDR regulation has challenged Inven Capital due to its lack of clarity and definitions. Inven Capital was, therefore, in need of a more effective way to align with SFDR requirements and enable portfolio companies to calculate their emissions.


ESG reporting and compliance

Inven Capital chose Worldfavor’s Sustainable Investment solution after evaluating 10 different ESG platforms. Some of the key drivers for Inven Capital choosing Worldfavor included aligning with SFDR requirements and enabling portfolio companies to calculate their emissions more effectively. There were four key reasons that stood out from the competition:

  • The possibility of sharing quality ESG data with LPs, as well as facilitating and supporting portfolio companies’ sustainability journey in the platform.

  • The Sustainability library offers knowledge about key ESG topics and market developments.

  • The CO2e calculator is available to portfolio companies as a tool to calculate and report their emission data.

  • The automated and ready-to-share SFDR reporting.


Aligning with SFDR requirements and automating data collection

Thanks to Worldfavor Inven Capital has seen benefits from automating data collection and enhancing data comparability, improving its long-term sustainability efforts. The platform’s technical capabilities facilitate ESG data management, while Worldfavor’s industry experts ensure Inven Capital maintains a high level of professionalism in ESG matters and reporting requirements. The Sustainable Investment solution makes it possible for Inven Capital to:

  • Gather key data, including all required KPIs, while keeping them up-to-date with regulatory changes, relieving the pressure of staying informed.

  • Strengthen their sustainability efforts by automation of data collection.

  • Simplify ESG data management.

  • Aligning with SFDR requirements.

  • Calculate emissions more effectively both for the company’s investors and their portfolio companies.

  • Stay up-to-date with regulatory changes, reducing the pressure to stay informed.

worldfavor sustainable investments
Future-proof portfolio ESG
  • Integrate ESG and monitor performance
  • Track SFDR, CSRD, and voluntary initiatives
  • Generate reports with a click
  • Portfolio enablement tools and guidance

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