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A business built with sustainability as a core value

With Sandya Lang, Sustainability Manager.

Nudie Jeans is a Swedish denim brand founded in Gothenburg, that prioritizes high-quality, ethically made garments. Today, Nudie Jeans uses Worldfavor to manage the social and environmental compliance of their supply chain and to map and collect important supplier data.


Nudie Jeans saw a need to optimize their data management system as they previously relied on manual data collection and scattered Excel files. They needed a solution to streamline processes and unify data, leading them to invest in Worldfavor's ESG platform for efficiency and centralized data access.


Nudie Jeans uses Worldfavor's platform for building supply chain transparency, fostering supplier collaboration. The platform streamlines data collection, enhances key performance indicator oversight of all ESG data, and reinforces their commitment to transparency and sustainability.


Worldfavor's platform aligns with Nudie Jeans' commitment to sustainability, converting data into actionable metrics and facilitating customized reporting. It provides valuable insights into supply chain and internal operations, fostering informed decision-making and continuous improvement.


Who is Nudie Jeans?

Nudie Jeans was born from a passion for denim and indigo, the brand embodies various concepts and beliefs driven by a fighting spirit. Originating in Sweden, the brand is committed to ethically producing high-quality garments. With 34 Repair Shops, over 1000 wholesale doors in 50+ markets, and a thriving web shop, Nudie Jeans remains at the forefront of the industry. They've selected Worldfavor's platform to map, collect, and leverage critical data, ensuring environmental compliance across their supply chain.

“It's been a real treat to let go of separate documents that are no longer needed thanks to Worldfavor. To have useful information and data gathered in one place to the greatest extent possible, can really facilitate the work with the data collection and further evaluations of it.”


Time-consuming manual work

The challenges at hand for Nudie Jeans were unoptimized ways of working with sustainability. They saw a need for software that could streamline the process, saving them time and allowing insight-driven work.

Previously, all sustainability data was gathered and managed manually through email communication with suppliers in Excel files. The system wasn't suitable for long-term sustainability management for a company striving for excellence within sustainability. Nudie Jeans recognized a need for a tool that could simplify the process and make it more efficient, saving time and making all data unitary and available in one place.

Main challenges:

The potential to streamline the entire process of managing and analyzing sustainability data in one place was the primary reason for Nudie Jeans to invest in sustainability software. Worldfavor’s solutions offered a number of smart features that would save time, but also make it easier to utilize the collected data from different areas of the business in one place and see development over time. Prior to adopting Worldfavor, Nudie Jeans faced several key challenges, including:

  • Manual collection of data

  • Scattered points of data

  • Short-term solution for managing sustainability

  • Time-consuming processes


Committed to fostering a transparent and sustainable supply chain

Nudie Jeans uses the Worldfavor platform to manage social and environmental compliance of the supply chain. It allows them to:

  • Map and collect environmental data.

  • Track social compliance among suppliers.

  • Ensure sustainability values are upheld across the entire value chain.

For a company operating on the idea of making high-quality garments fairly, working with the right suppliers is key. Industrial innovative development significantly supports Nudie Jeans' supply chain sustainability efforts, aligning goals with suppliers on ESG performance. An example is their membership in Fair Wear Foundation, which helps the company navigate social compliance and establish a framework for the standards that are required when sourcing suppliers.

Using Worldfavor has opened new doors and made it easier to adapt data collection to the process, while managing it conveniently, giving Nudie Jeans a good overview of KPIs and other information highly relevant to business operations. Worldfavor’s platform offers a quick and easily comprehended overview of developments over time, serving Nudie Jeans as an indication of where things are heading.


A platform that multiplies possibilities for sustainability

Deeply committed to sustainability, Nudie Jeans sees their use of sustainability software as more than just a tool. Since adopting Worldfavor, they've discovered new possibilities for leveraging sustainability data, broadening their perspective on its transformation into actionable parameters and relevant communication content. They've also identified areas for refining sustainability data collection within their organization.

  • Worldfavor's user-friendly dashboard provides seamless access to diverse supply chain and internal data.

  • The platform enables streamlined visualization and analysis, offering valuable insights across different aspects of the business.

Ongoing development of sustainability efforts:

Nudie Jeans plans to have all Repair Shops reporting in Worldfavor. Currently, they have 45 units that use the platform for yearly reporting. Despite a limited supply chain, Nudie Jeans incorporates all suppliers using Worldfavor's structured approach, covering raw material to production.

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