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Scaling sustainability efforts to foster impactful decision-making

With Annika Hansson, Sustainability Controller.

Oatly is a global plant-based food brand with a core business model grounded in sustainable practices. Understanding the company's impact through sustainability data is a huge part of Oatly’s communication to consumers and building its position as a leader in the plant-based revolution. Oatly uses Worldfavor to collect data globally, enhance transparency, and provide valuable insights.


Before Worldfavor, Oatly managed sustainability data manually, creating administrative burdens and inefficiency due to rapid growth. In order to stay aligned with its core business model, its sustainability efforts needed to scale proportionally to its growth.


Oatly is currently using Worldfavor’s platform to collect data globally from all offices, production sites, and partners. Through one digital platform, Oatly can automate customized data analyses, saving time and enabling easier insights for decision-making.


Worldfavor's platform enhances Oatly's global staff engagement in sustainability, facilitating interactive data visualization and real-time progress tracking. Tracking SDGs and GRIs gives Oatly valuable insights to make effective, positive, high-impact decisions aligned with global efforts.


Who is Oatly?

Oatly, founded in Sweden in 1994, is a plant-based food brand committed to sustainability. With products available in over 20 countries, Oatly focuses on producing alternatives to dairy exclusively from oats while promoting a plant-based diet to address global food resource challenges. They've chosen Worldfavor's platform to digitize and automate their global sustainability activities, aligning with their mission.


''No matter where you start or what industry you're in, there is always room to change and improve. Working with sustainability is not an option but a must for all companies and organizations.'' 

annika hansson, Sustainability controller

High growth and scaling manual work

Oatly has 11 offices worldwide and owns three production units. Beyond Oatly’s internal operations, it works with about twenty external partners. To comprehensively understand and minimize its negative impact, their offices and partners need to measure and report sustainability data. Before implementing Worldfavor, Oatly managed sustainability data manually using Excel sheets, leading to significant administrative burdens. As a rapidly growing company, this approach became increasingly inefficient and time-consuming. This meant finding a system that:

  • Digitalized data collection globally.

  • Simplified quality control of the data.

  • This is in order to make data-driven, sustainable decisions.


Automating analyses and change management

Oatly is currently using Worldfavor’s platform to enable automated customized analyses from the data collection and reduce manual effort.

Since sustainability is part of Oatly’s core business model, understanding its impact through sustainability data is a huge part of its communication to consumers and building its position as a leader in the plant-based revolution. By being able to collect data globally from all offices, production sites, and partners through one digital platform, Oatly achieves:

  • More high-quality ESG data offering valuable insights and increased transparency as a basis for sustainable decision-making.

  • Automation within the platform enables quicker and easier data analysis, saving Oatly’s Sustainability Controller time and improving accessibility for non-technical staff.


Guiding impactful decision-making

Annika Hansson expects to use Worldfavor's dashboard to enhance global staff engagement in Oatly's sustainability initiatives. The interactive dashboard directly enables immediate insight into which areas are most correlated with Oatly’s line of work. This helps the company spend time and energy making effective, positive, high-impact decisions in line with global efforts.

By implementing Worldfavor’s platform globally, Oatly can:

  • Make data collection more accurate and effective, which encourages users to report data.

  • Get hands-on information to inform better decision-making, take action, and track year-on-year progress.

  • Digitize global data collection, streamline quality control processes, and improve response rates.

  • Align with key initiatives such as the SDGs and GRI.

This level of insight supports Oatly's core business model, facilitating its vision of a more sustainable world while thriving in its operations.

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