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With Carl Gustavsson, SEB Private Equity.

SEB Private Equity is a Nordic private equity firm, focusing on direct investments within the Nordic market, and globally in collaboration with partners. SEB Private Equity uses Worldfavor to gather and track real data from their portfolio companies for their Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) compliance.


Before Worldfavor, SEB Private Equity managed ESG data manually in spreadsheets, proving insufficient for the data volume required to meet sustainability goals. The lack of dedicated resources in small portfolio companies made it difficult to gain the necessary level of sustainability knowledge for proactive ESG work.


SEB Private Equity chose Worldfavor Sustainable Investments for its tailored solutions, ESG learning support, and real data gathering directly from portfolio companies. Worldfavor understood and addressed their SFDR requirements, enabling accurate data gathering and alignment with sustainability goals and regulations.


SEB Private Equity uses Worldfavor for a simpler way of gathering and monitoring data across their portfolio, enhancing ESG performance tracking and empowering companies for consistent sustainability improvement. The platform fosters a data-driven approach to sustainability amid growing regulatory demands.


Who is SEB Private Equity?

SEB Private Equity stands as a lead player in the Nordic private equity landscape, and have a commitment to driving sustainable growth and fostering responsible investment practices. They focus on direct investments within the Nordic lower mid-market and makes partnership investments with leading private equity firms globally. They've selected Worldfavor's platform to gather and track critial data, ensuring SFDR compliance.

SEB Carl Gustavsson

“Estimates simply don’t capture the improvement. What I think in the end distinguished Worldfavor from the closest competitors was that they clearly understood our needs and spoke our language, which helped ensure that we got what we were asking for.”


Manual work in spreadsheets

Prior to using Worldfavor, SEB Private Equity was managing their ESG data manually in spreadsheets, which was insufficient for the amount of data that needed to be gathered and analyzed in line with their sustainability targets.

Additionally, the small companies that SEB Private Equity invests in rarely have the capacity to dedicate full-time employees to sustainability, which often means that it’s challenging to get the sustainability knowledge to a level where companies can start working proactively to improve their ESG performance.


Reaching targets with the help of real data

After assessing several different ESG platforms, SEB Private Equity chose Worldfavor as their vendor thanks to some key functionalities that would help them on their sustainability journey:

  1. The possibility to gather real data directly from portfolio companies, as opposed to estimates

  2. A solution well aligned with the specific needs of SEB Private Equity

  3. Portfolio engagement and support in ESG learning and development

SEB Private Equity recognized that Worldfavor understood and could help them with their scope and setting up a solution aligned with the fund’s ESG needs. The possibility of gathering real data directly from portfolio companies, as opposed to estimates, was a crucial need since it enabled them to consistently improve targets that had been set in line with chosen sustainability initiatives and to meet SRDR reporting.


More quality data enabling consistent improvement

For SEB Private Equity, using Worldfavor means a simpler way of gathering and monitoring a greater amount of data from their portfolio than before. It helps them track their ESG performance and empowers their portfolio companies to improve sustainability consistently. The platform has enabled them to become more data-driven regarding sustainability.

SEB Private Equity recognizes that the regulatory sustainability landscape will continue growing over the coming years and impact even smaller and privately owned companies. This highlights the need for digital tools like Worlfavor that enable investors to access and share standardized and comparable ESG data, allowing them to make informed investment decisions.

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Future-proof portfolio ESG

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