Mapping global environmental impact

With Robin Åkerberg, Head of Sustainability

Visma uses Worldfavor Sustainability Management to track the carbon footprint and for understanding the overall impact of their organization globally. The insights are presented in the annual sustainability report.

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Visma is a leading provider of core business software for a more efficient and resilient society. Visma delivers software that simplifies and automates processes in a wide range of business areas, including accounting, HRM and payroll, invoicing, e-government, and more.


200 companies across more than 20 countries worldwide.
Headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

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Visma simplifies the work of companies and organizations of all sizes with the help of software and IT solutions, empowering people and helping businesses grow and thrive. With over 1 million customers across the Nordics, Benelux, Continental Europe, and Latin America, Visma is a leading provider of technology supporting businesses in their daily operations.


Background and scope

Need for a solution that can adapt to growth 

Visma was looking for a solution that would help them to get a better understanding of their environmental impacts, especially their carbon footprint, in order to meet stakeholder demands and be able to improve and set targets for the future.

Visma’s 200+ units are highly autonomous companies and Visma wanted a tool that would allow them to categorize the units, drill down and aggregate data for different levels of the organization to reflect Visma’s unique structure.

Some of the key features that Visma was looking for in a new software were:

  • Following up on the GHG Protocol

  • Exporting data

  • Sufficient support regarding set-up

  • Calculation of emission factors 

  • Customization for Visma’s needs & maturity

  • Ability to add reporters flexibly

Visma grows a lot through acquisitions, so the possibility to easily add more reporting units into the system was also a crucial factor.

“Visma has definitely taken steps in terms of collecting data and getting more insights into the environmental impacts of the Visma Group since we started using Worldfavor. Collecting data has been an important first step in building a stronger culture around sustainability.”

Robin åkerberg, head of sustainability

Collecting data to map overall environmental impact

Visma uses the Worldfavor Sustainability Management solution to calculate their emissions and collect data from throughout the global organization about their environmental impact. The platform allows Visma to collect specific and relevant data from all its companies and map the environmental impact of each unit.

Currently, Visma has more than 200 reporting units in Worldfavor. Each Visma company has a contact person who is responsible for reporting their respective data. For large office locations that are shared between many Visma companies, the facility manager is responsible for the reporting. So far, Visma only collects data annually, but they hope to increase the frequency of reporting for selected reporting units in the future.

"We don’t have to do research on what emission factors to use and where to find them – these are provided by Worldfavor. Instead, we can focus on collecting the right data and engaging with the companies."

Robin Åkerberg, Head of sustainability

Recognizing impact – beyond just emissions

Visma has gained great value from being able to understand their own, overall sustainability impact – beyond just their carbon footprint they set out to calculate with Worldfavor. By collecting information from all 200+ companies, Visma is able to see what impact each unit has, where there are pain points and how to improve sustainable business practices – on a local and a global level.

By using Worldfavor, Visma has been able to include each company in the reporting process and increase the overall awareness for their sustainability work and reporting, while building a stronger culture around sustainability in the organization.

The data collected is used for their annual sustainability reporting and as a basis for making informed decisions about how to develop their sustainable practices further. Find Visma’s yearly results and latest sustainability report here.

The Worldfavor solution that Visma uses

Sustainability Management

Worldfavor's Sustainability Management enables organizations to understand and manage growing expectations on sustainable business practices. Collaborate effortlessly, collect data seamlessly, and automatically transform your findings into actionable insights. Worldfavor's Sustainability Management solution enables organizations to understand and manage growing expectations on sustainable business practices.



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