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Comprehensive supplier engagement enhancing efficiency and risk management

Sweden's leading restaurant and wholesale specialist with daily deliveries of food, beverages, and equipment to nurseries, cafes, restaurants, and major hotel chains uses Worldfavor’s Sustainable Sourcing solution to simplify supplier follow-up and collect sustainability information in one place.


Before Worldfavor, the company manually collected all its sustainability data from over 1000 suppliers, creating inefficient administrative work. The company needed a system of managing and monitoring its suppliers to streamline processes and meet product sustainability requirements.


The company is currently using Worldfavor’s Sustainable Sourcing solution to collect data from their suppliers and get an intuitive overview. This solution makes follow-up on certificates and fulfillment of the code of conduct smooth.


Worldfavor streamlines processes, eliminates time-consuming manual work and personal dependencies, enables risk assessments, prevention, and mitigation. Overall, it’s easy to analyze data and stay up to date.


Sustainability scope and needs

The leading Sweden-based restaurant and wholesale specialist is headquartered in Stockholm with warehouses across the country. They offer daily deliveries of food, beverages, and equipment to nurseries, cafes, restaurants, major hotel chains, and others in both public and private sectors. Due to public procurement laws and high product demands, their unique customer base, and a wide variety of products sold and purchased globally, the company faces challenges impacting its sustainability work. Therefore they've chosen Worldfavor's Sustainable Sourcing solution to ensure that over 1000 suppliers meet product sustainability requirements.


“We used to work with supplier follow-ups manually. This was time-consuming and made it hard to search, find, and verify data. The process became very person-dependent and a business risk. After careful evaluation, we discovered that Worldfavor's solution matched our needs and requirements very well.”

Sustainability & Quality Assurance Manager

The significance of efficient and person-independent data management

In 2008, the company implemented a supplier code of conduct to ensure alignment with its business model and social and environmental expectations. The manual data collection process became an overwhelming and heavy process, prompting the adoption of a supplier management system. After extensive research, Worldfavor's Sustainable Sourcing solution was chosen for:

  • Streamlining collection of certificates and sustainability data from suppliers.

  • An automated system to centralize sustainability information and manage suppliers all in one intuitive tool.


Becoming a professional purchasing organization

Worldfavor’s Sustainable Sourcing solution was chosen to enable the collection of data from over 1000 suppliers. Since Worldfavor was chosen and implemented, the wholesale specialist could start using the platform’s map function to decide and plan their next supplier visit.

The Worldfavor’s Sustainable Sourcing solution provides the company with:

  • An automated process for gathering and analyzing sustainability data centrally.

  • An intuitive overview of their sustainability and purchasing work.

  • Information about what stage a supplier is in and use the platform’s map function to decide and plan their next supplier visit.


Improved risk management and automated processes

Thanks to Worldfavor’s Sustainable Sourcing solution, the company has transitioned from manual to efficient processes of collecting sustainability data, utilizing features like categorization and automated data collection. This enables them to:

  • Work with helpful functions such as categorization and automatic data collection.

  • Gather useful information to identify and act upon possible risks before they start working with a new supplier or stop a collaboration at an early stage.

  • Reduce manual processes and implement personnel dependencies.

  • Easier asses and analyze data quickly for purchasing and sustainability departments.

  • Store information securely and stay up-to-date regarding their supplier relationships.

With Worldfavor, the company can facilitate an improved way of working with their sustainability efforts and build a professional purchasing organization.

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Sustainable sourcing solution

Accelerate your supply chain sustainability with Worldfavor

  • Get baseline, identify risks and ESG performance
  • Actionable insights from high quality data and analytics
  • Track legislation, like CSDDD and CSRD
  • Monitor and reduce supply chain emissions

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