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Manage allows you to organize and manage your company’s sustainability efforts and related information digitally in one confidential and collaborative environment. Using some of the most established frameworks, or your own, you may evaluate your performance and continuously log and analyze your progress.



The Visualize functionality in Worldfavor allows you to visualize your organization’s sustainability and compliance efforts in a dynamic, interactive and compelling way, beyond the PDF-reports or plain website text. We use the latest technology to provide the market leading visualization tools for sustainability and compliance data.


ISO Standards Working Tool

The digital and user friendly ISO-standards Tool helps you conduct self-assessment and continuous organizational improvement with ISO-standards. The tool gives you and your colleagues an overview of your progress and compliance and allows you to document your status and all information related to the requirements in the standard. If you want to apply for certification you can simply invite an auditor to review your structured information.


Value Chain

Value Chain is a complete solution for data collection, assessment and analysis of Sustainability and Compliance criteria within your company’s Value Chain – making the process fully digital and as automated as possible. Value Chain works just as good for assessing external partners, such as suppliers or holdings, as for internal units such as offices or projects.