Worldfavor sustainability platform

Sustainability Management


Worldfavor's Sustainability Management solution makes it easier than ever to measure, manage and improve and report your sustainability performance and reach your goals.


Why Worldfavor Sustainability Management?  

  • Automate the admin and data collection

  • Break down your data into actionable insights.

  • Easily align your data with relevant frameworks such as SDGs and the GHG Protocol.

  • Follow your progress and be proactive with the help of personalized dashboards.

  • Create smooth, person-independent collaboration that stretches over the entire organization.


Book a free demo to get a customized tour of the platform with a team member, showing you what Worldfavor looks like in action, and answering any questions of yours.


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25,000+ organizations in over 130 countries use Worldfavor to streamline sustainability data and enable informed decisions. 

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