Frequently Asked Questions

How many are using Worldfavor?

Worldfavor is used by more than 30 000 companies globally to exchange sustainability information and manage sustainability performance.

Can i adapt Worldfavor to my sustainability strategy?

Absolutely. In Worldfavor it’s simple and quick to create your own sustainability framework, based on your strategy, in your Worldfavor account. Fill your customized setup with material aspects from established standards and guidelines, combined in any way you want, to align your strategy with international frameworks. In all standards and guidelines, you can customize according to your materiality.

Does Worldfavor require implementation?

No. Worldfavor does not require any implementation to get started. It is simple and fast to get up and running. The solution is completely self-service and all the customizations you may want to do can be managed by you as a user in your user account. Since Worldfavor is a cloud-based software you do not need to install anything on your computers. All data and traffic are safely hosted by Worldfavor. Our hosting supplier is Microsoft.

What type of companies is Worldfavor suitable for?

Worldfavor is built to help you take your next level in sustainability, whether you are a multinational enterprise or an SME. With the modular user levels of the platform, you can start where it suits your current stage in your sustainability journey, and grow in the platform as your efforts advance. Among our users are everything from global companies with supply chains in multiple continents to small companies taking their first steps in implementing sustainability in their strategy. Our team of experts will help you determine which user level suits your current needs and budget.

Can i integrate Worldfavor with other software?

Yes, you can integrate other software with Worldfavor by integrating to our API, provided that the other software also supports this. We can assist your web team in the integration if needed. Integration to other software is motivated when it comes to larger amounts of data. To get up-and-running with historical data, our team can support you.

Can i compile data from several business units?

Yes, you can compile data from both internal units, such as departments, functions or offices, or external partners such as suppliers, portfolio companies or other partners. The Value Chain functionality allows you to both aggregate and analyze information from various units.

Where is the data stored and how do i know it is secure?

Worldfavor makes sure your data is secure in the cloud. Our supplier of hosting is Microsoft Azure services, chosen for its best-in-class commitment to security and scalability. Worldfavor also manages information security in accordance with the international standard ISO 27001. In Worldfavor, you are in full control of your own data and what happens to it. Contact us to get the full Security and Integrity Policy.

Does Worldfavor support auditing of the information?

Yes. It’s simple to invite an external or internal auditor to review and audit your information in Worldfavor.

Is there a trial version?

Trial versions are currently given on request. Contact to request a trial.

How can i get a demo?

Just fill in some of your information in the form below and we’ll get back to you for a demo.

What do you mean by global platfrom?

Worldfavor is a global platform. This means that we don’t just connect you with your colleagues and business units. Worldfavor connects you with any other company or organization in the world, and they, in turn, can connect with any other company or organization in the world. Think of it as a global network that enables you to exchange information with other companies and organization’s through their Worldfavor accounts. And where they can also manage the information and performance internally. Anyone who is not already connected can simply be invited by you. Everything you may or may not share with somebody else is completely up to you.

What sustainability and compliance frameworks do you support?

Worldfavor supports GRI Standards,  GRI G4, UN Sustainable Development Goals, UN Global Compact, UN Guiding Principles for Human Rights, BSCI. Worldfavor also supports a number of ISO Standards: ISO 14001 – Environmental Management, ISO 9001 – Quality Management, ISO 26000 – Social Responsibility, ISO 45001 – Occupational Health & Safety (18001), ISO 37001 – Anti-bribery, ISO 27001 – Information Security, ISO 20121 – Sustainable Events, ISO 1000 – Risk Management and ISO 22301 – Business Continuity. We add new standards and guidelines on a regular basis. If you miss a framework, let us know.

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