Human rights due diligence in Worldfavor

Align with human rights laws

Set up a human rights due diligence (HRDD) process in Worldfavor. Track social metrics in your supply chain and accelerate toward compliance with local laws, like Åpenhetsloven and LkSG. Get in touch to get started today!

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human rights due diligence hrdd
Enable an effective process

Identify and respect human rights

Respect vulnerable groups in your supply chain, identify potential risks, prevent negative impacts, and improve social influence. Engage your suppliers in the human rights due diligence process and work toward compliance with Worldfavor's best practice setup.

How Worldfavor helps you excel in the HRDD process

Access key data

Monitor social metrics in your entire supply chain. Access data about safety and well-being, human rights and labor standards, business ethics, leadership, forced labor, and child labor with Worldfavor's easy-to-use setup.

Mitigate risks

Identify potential human rights risks and negative impacts, and make informed decisions about improving the conditions in your supply chain, while ensuring you have a process in place to report on mandatory requirements.

Involve your suppliers

Engage your suppliers and subcontractors to share data with you on key social topics for HRDD alignment and reporting. The companies you request data from use Worldfavor for free.

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