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Your investments are only as sustainable as your portfolio companies. Track your portfolio carbon footprint, impact and risks automatically – in line with ESG criteria.

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Empower your portfolio

Get your portfolio companies using Worldfavor to get the insights you need to boost their sustainability and your ROI. 

Empower your portfolio companies to report sustainability information digitally and measure results by giving them free access to Worldfavor

  • Get an overview of your portfolio sustainability with intuitive dashboards and automatic analyses

  • Uncover risks and identify opportunities to stay relevant in a conscious world

  • Equip the companies with the right tools to future proof their business – which they can easily upgrade to any solution to kick-start their own sustainability journey

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Understand your ESG impact

Know your ESG impact and know where to take action. Sync your work with standardized frameworks and international guidelines – GRI, SDGs, SFDR, you name it. Or, customize your own.

  • Easily collect, analyze, and break down your portfolio companies' performance into actionable insights through automated processes. Understand your impact and environmental footprint and take action where needed. 

  • Choose between a standardized set-up based on international frameworks or customize your KPI:s to suit your personal goals

  • Digitize manual tasks and save precious time – the platform aggregates and calculates all results for you. Including emission calculations and more.

Wolrdfavor Sustainable Investments


Your own dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you implement Worldfavor from start to finish and make sure you're always making the most out of the platform.


Free access to Worldfavor for your portfolio companies. Enable them to kickstart their journey and say hello to quality data at your fingertips.


Worldfavor has expertise in the Finance industry. We understand the challenges and opportunities you face and develop our software accordingly.

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How we do it

Leveraging tech to secure a sustainable future

Worldfavor's global network connects organizations across the world to access, share, and gain insights from sustainability and compliance data. Our sustainability platform leverages the latest technology and crowd-sourced data to fuel sustainable action internally and through far-reaching value chains. 

Why Worldfavor

"Worldfavor enables us to digitize data collection from our portfolio companies in developing countries. Thanks to this, we’ve streamlined the reporting process and increased data quality. And, our portfolio companies appreciate that the platform is user-friendly and allows them to follow their own progress."

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Streamline your sustainability efforts

Use Sustainability Management to reach your sustainability goals without the hassle. Collaborate effortlessly, collect data seamlessly, and automatically transform your findings into actionable insights.

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Know your supply chain

Build a resilient supply chain with Sustainable Sourcing. Collect quality supplier data automatically and understand your impact and risks. Sustainable supplier relations are just around the corner.

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Say hello to multi-tier visibility

Use Supply Chain Visibility to get to the root of it. Gain visibility on every tier of your supply chain with crowd-sourced data. Trace your impact, assess your risks, and mitigate them effectively.

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Grow investments sustainably and watch your ROI rocket

Easily track and boost your portfolio’s sustainability performance with Sustainable Investments. Keep each individual portfolio company on the cutting edge, identify opportunities, and mitigate risk.

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Easily assess EU Taxonomy alignment

Worldfavor EU Taxonomy solution is the fastest and easiest way to future-proof your organization, assess alignment, and gain insight on required actions. You only need to know which economic activities to assess, the platform will take care of the rest. 

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