Inclusion in your organization

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental in business today, as a variety of people with different backgrounds and cultures grant us with the balance of voices and diversity of thought that we need.

Diversity and inclusion

What is diversity and inclusion?

Broadly defined, diversity is based on any dimension that can be used to differentiate groups and people from one another - it means respect for, and appreciation of differences.

Inclusion is a state of being valued, respected and supported. In terms of businesses and workplaces, inclusion means to dare to look for which competence is out there and which the  company lacks.


Worldfavor stands for equality 

Worldfavor stands for equal rights and supports and promotes diversity and inclusion internally and for our customers through our platform. Our culture is characterized by social sustainability, as we aim to build an inclusive workplace for all our employees. Being a business with sustainability at the core, diversity is an accelerator to achieve a high level of innovation. It also enables us to build a thriving team and company culture where everyone feels they have an equal opportunity to belong.


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