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All you need to know about sustainability reporting

Increased sustainability reporting requirements and keeping up with stakeholders’ expectations makes it important for companies to have good knowledge about the topic. We have gathered all our resources on reporting in the same place for you to deepen your knowledge.

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What is sustainability reporting?

Sustainability Reporting is a way to disclose sustainability data which businesses conduct to improve their transparency and visibility, with the purpose to develop a framework for action and legal requirements. A Sustainability Report consists of the environmental, social and economic (ESG) impacts caused by a company's activities. 


Decide which sustainability metrics and data you should report on. Involve relevant people and assure the correct sustainability data will be reported. Investing in a software makes this process easier.

Common challenges

Collecting quality ESG data, managing information and gaining insights from it are common challenges for companies required to report.

Our Sustainable Management Solution lets you collect and analyze data easily.


Benefits of a software

Skip the tedious excel files and never risk losing data. You have the opportunity to work simultaneously within your organization and you can replace overwhelming documents with visualized dashboards.

All about Sustainability reporting

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This is where you’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to get started and how Worldfavor can help you collect data and report easily. 

Why is sustainability reporting important?
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How to use Worldfavor for managing your organization's sustainability performance
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What is human rights due diligence?

Human rights due diligence (HRDD) is a risk management process for businesses. You as a business can implement HRDD to identify and respond to actual and potential negative impacts within your own operations and supply chain.

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What is SFDR?

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is the first regulation set by the EU with the purpose of reorient capital flow towards sustainable finance. By inserting SFDR to provide transparency on sustainability within the financial market, greenwashing can be prevented. 

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