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Empowering North Peak Advisory's customers to achieve sustainable success with Worldfavor - the ESG platform for insights and action!

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Worldfavor Sustainable investments

ESG monitoring made easy

Meet the requirements of SFDR and other regulations while easily monitoring ESG performance across your portfolio, whether you're a Venture Capital, or Private Equity. Empower your portfolio companies, take active ownership and get your hands on actual ESG data.

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What makes our sustainable investments solution stand out

Smooth alignment

Track SFDR, CSRD, TCFD & other regulatory and voluntary reporting frameworks

We support you throughout the entire SFDR process, regardless of whether your fund discloses under Article 6, 8 or 9. Define your scope, collect mandatory and optional PAI indicators, and export your results in a ready-to-share report in Worldfavor.

How we support your SFDR needs

Reliable data

Get a data from your portfolio companies

Include your portfolio companies in your ESG monitoring and collect data that you can aggregate on fund level. Move beyond estimates by collecting and reporting ESG data that genuinely represents your portfolio’s performance. 

Visualize and analyze

Generate actionable insights

Worldfavor’s intuitive and user-friendly platform simplifies your ESG monitoring – from gathering relevant data to analyzing and taking action on your results. Visualize and break down your data in neat dashboards that give you actionable insights to identify opportunities and risks.



enable sustainable growth

Empower your portfolio companies

Portfolio companies benefit from Worldfavor, too. Invite them to embark on an ESG journey of their own and empower them to be proactive. The platform guides your portfolio companies to calculate CO2 emissions, report ESG performance, and understand their impact – free of charge. Everybody wins!






Here for you and your portfolio

  • Empower sustainable business decisions in your portfolio
  • Track performance of your investments
  • All sustainability information in one place
  • Align your work with international frameworks
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Worldfavor enables us to digitize data collection from our portfolio companies in developing countries. Thanks to this, we've streamlined the reporting process and increased data quality. And, our portfolio companies appreciate that the platform is user-friendly and allows them to follow their own progress.”

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