Report Sustainability & Compliance without hassle


The Report functionality allows you to report sustainability and compliance information about your company that your customers or other partners request from you. You can also proactively make your information available in our global repository using the GRI Sustainability Reporting framework and other international frameworks, making it accessible to any company interested in your information through Worldfavor.

Make your information available and easily accessible


Make your sustainability & compliance information readily available in the Worldfavor global repository using the GRI Sustainability Reporting framework or other international frameworks. This will make your information directly accessible to other companies interested in your information, such as customers or potential customers.

View info-requests from customers or other partners


View what information different stakeholders request of you, what’s expected and how much you have left, and give them access to the data they need.

Re-use your answers


With Worldfavor you never need to input the same information twice. Answers that you have provided earlier are stored in your account so that you can re-use them when a new partner want to access to the same information.

Dashboard of your progress


The intuitive, user-friendly dashboard enables you to always follow your progress in answering and complying with partners’ requests. Notifications and reminders will help you keep up.

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Key Benefits

Free to use

Re-use answers

Proactively share information

Dashboard of progress

User friendly


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