Worldfavor for Supply Chain Visibility

Multi-tier supply chain visibility

Get to the root of it. Gain visibility on every tier of your supply chain with crowd-sourced data. Trace impact, assess risks, and mitigate them effectively.

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30,000+ organizations in 140 countries use Worldfavor's sustainability platform.

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Get to the root

Uncover total risk

Maximize impact




Map your supply chain

Map every tier of your supply chain through crowd-sourced data and get to the root of your impact. Gain visibility and keep stakeholders informed.

Discover hidden data and risks

Capture hidden data from suppliers on multiple tiers and automatically uncover the full risks in your supply chain.

Visualize impact by product or category

Automatically analyze supply chain data and risk assessments. Trace your touchpoints on every tier, actor, product, or category and effectively maximize your impact. 


What makes our supply chain visibility solution stand out

Multi-tier Supply Chain Mapping 

Visualize your multi-tier supply chain

Map out every tier of your supply chain through crowd-sourced data. Trace your touchpoints to improve visibility for all stakeholders.

Supply Chain Transparency

Uncover hidden sub-supplier data

Get your hands on hard-to-reach information downstream. Reach new levels of transparency by uncovering vulnerabilities and build resilience.

Product Mapping

Track your chain for specific products and categories

Use our product mapping function to break down your supply chain for a specific product or category. Product traceability empowers you to maximize positive impact and stay open with stakeholders.

Automated Risk Assessments

Stay informed with automated risk assessments

Enter your preferences and use Worldfavor’s automated risk analysis to quickly discover which suppliers need extra attention. Check your impact and risks for every tier, actor, product, or category. We’ve got your back.

Actionable Insights

Achieve full disclosure and see total impact

Know the risks and sustainability status of your suppliers with intuitive dashboards. Filter, compare, and track information to break down the data into actionable insights.

We’ve got you covered

  • Gain full disclosure in far-reaching supply chains
  • Connect and share data through a global network
  • High quality, crowd-sourced data
  • Free reporting and valuable insights for suppliers
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
O'Neill Customer Story

"Worldfavor provides us with a major expansion of our due diligence activities. With Worldfavor’s support, we can expect better and broader insights into our risk analysis, in both the social and environmental spheres. It lets us map out more detailed points for improvement for our suppliers – that helps us make a difference!"


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