Sustainability Insights for 21ˢᵗ Century Companies

Get your free analysis on relevant sustainability areas for your business and benchmark against companies in your industry. With over 30,000 data points from more than 300 companies, the Sustainability Insights tool gives you relevant areas in GRI Standards and matching Sustainable Development Goals.

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Get a sense of the expectations on your industry by exploring what companies like yours focus on.


Get insights on the most commonly reported GRI disclosures and benchmark against your industry.


See what Sustainable Development Goals your company contributes to by addressing the areas.

The Revolution of the 21ˢᵗ Century Company

Being a successful business in the 21st Century comes with new challenges and opportunities, as stakeholders are raising the bar for who they engage with. 21st Century Companies make sure to understand what is expected of them – and constantly adapt. They realize that their impact goes far beyond their own walls, and empower everyone in their value creating chain to reach the same high standards. They adopt the thoughts and the language of their people, because nothing else matters.


Materiality is a relevant topic for everyone working with sustainability to identify the essential sustainability areas to focus and report on. Our Sustainability Insights tool shows you which areas in GRI Standards and what Sustainable Development Goals companies like yours report on. All of the companies in the database have more than 250 employees and currently, the majority are enterprises from the Nordics. More data is added frequently from various industries and regions. Use it to jump-start your sustainability journey by identifying relevant sustainability areas in your industry, or to benchmark your current strategy, without time-consuming and costly processes. Access your free analysis now and invite colleagues to take part of it!

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