Worldfavor for sustainability management

Streamline your sustainability

Reach your sustainability goals without the hassle. Collect, analyze, and break down your organization's performance easily and get actionable insights. We've got all the international frameworks you need.

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See how you can report your sustainability with ease in Worldfavor

Be proactive

Focus on what matters

Collaborate as a team




Track progress and take action

Track progress over time by digitizing data collection and getting automatic insights. Spend your time staying proactive and maximizing your impact.

Reach sustainability goals

Automate data collection through user-friendly reporting flows. Break down the data with beautiful dashboards and know where to focus your time to effectively boost performance.

Synced and smooth teamwork 

Invite your colleagues to Worldfavor to keep all data in one place and sync your work. Give auditors access and get more done through seamless collaboration.


What makes our sustainability management solution different

Automate data collection

Automate the admin and focus on strategic action

Scrap the endless Excel files. Digitize data collection from start to finish to keep everything in one place and everyone in sync. Automatic analyses buy you time to make informed, proactive decisions. Collecting data just became a breeze – make space for everything else.

Actionable insights

Tackle your goals with actionable insights

Know your organization's performance and impact with intuitive dashboards. Filter, compare, and track information to break down the data into digestible insights. Beautiful interfaces make presenting progress to stakeholders easy and effective.

Seamless collaboration

Effortless teamwork with everything in one place

Worldfavor’s usability simplifies reporting information for everyone, whether you’re a native to the platform or in it for the first time. Invite your colleagues and access all data in one place. 

Quality sustainability data

Quality data at your fingertips

Create clear and controlled sustainability reporting flows with automatic rules and triggers. This data isn't only necessary for your sustainability report but empowers proactive decisions throughout the year. Sustainability is born with the best information.

International frameworks

International frameworks customized to your needs

Access established frameworks and international guidelines and customize them to your material topics. Automatically allocate collected data to the frameworks you’re working with and benchmark your progress against the SDGs, GHG, GRI, and many more.

Everything in one place

  • All sustainability information in one place
  • Align work with international frameworks
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Collaborative and digitized sustainability reporting
  • Proactive sustainability management throughout your organization

"We save time and effort from having to double-check and cross-check data manually. It’s now possible to get an overview of the data automatically in Worldfavor."

Annika Hansson, sustainability controller at oatly

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