Sustainability reporting

Fast-track into a smooth and stress-free sustainability reporting process



Worldfavor's sustainability reporting software makes it easier than ever to fast-track into a smooth and stress-free reporting process thanks to digitization and automation. 

Sustainability reporting software

– how it works: 

  • Collect the sustainability data you need without the hassle

  • Easily align your data with relevant frameworks 

  • Ensure results are delivered on time without errors and gaps

  • Easily follow your progress and enable proactivity

  • Create smooth, person-independent collaboration that stretches over the entire organization

Streamline your sustainability work using Worldfavor sustainability reporting software and reach all your sustainability goals without the hassle. 

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20.000+ organizations in over 60 countries use Worldfavor to streamline sustainability data and enable informed decisions. 

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What we Do

Managing sustainability just got easier

Worldfavor’s global platform leverages the latest technology to make it easier for you and your organization to reach your sustainability goals without the hassle. Collecting data, analyzing information, and taking full control of your entire sustainability performance has never been easier.

Actionable insights

Report, track progress and take action

Scrap the endless Excel files and create clear and controlled sustainability reporting flows with automatic rules and triggers. This data isn't only necessary for your sustainability report but empowers proactive decisions throughout the year. Collecting data for your sustainability report just became a breeze – make space for everything else.

Seamless collaboration

Effortless teamwork with everything in one place

Worldfavor’s usability simplifies reporting sustainability information for everyone, whether you’re a native to the platform or in it for the first time. Invite your colleagues and access all data in one place. 

Quality sustainability data 

Emission calculations at your fingertips

Use Worldfavor's sustainability reporting software to calculate the annual emissions of your organization. Track your current processes in e.g. energy and water consumption and waste management to gain knowledge of how your company’s emissions accumulate. With a detailed emissions calculation, you can critically view your activities today, learn your pain points, and compare the impact of your sites.

International frameworks

International frameworks customized to your needs

Access established frameworks and international guidelines and customize them to your material topics. Automatically allocate collected data to the frameworks you’re working with and benchmark your progress against the SDGs, GHG, GRI, and many more.

Compare all plans & pricing

Worldfavor's solutions are all you need to accelerate and scale your organization’s sustainability work.

Find perfect the Sustainability Management plan for your goals.

"We save time and effort from having to double-check and cross-check data manually. It’s now possible to get an overview of the data automatically in Worldfavor."


The latest trends in sustainability reporting and more

Stay informed about industry expectations and explore the latest in sustainability.

Sustainability reporting with ease

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