Sustainability reporting

Sustainability reporting has never been this smooth and easy

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Worldfavor solutions are all you need to accelerate and scale your organization’s sustainability work. Pick the plan that suits your goals. 

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20.000+ organizations in over 60 countries use Worldfavor to streamline sustainability data and enable informed decisions. 

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Automate data collection

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Scrap the endless Excel files. Digitize data collection from start to finish to keep everything in one place and everyone in sync. Automatic analyses buy you time to make informed, proactive decisions. Collecting data just became a breeze – make space for everything else.

Actionable insights

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Know your organization's performance and impact with intuitive dashboards. Filter, compare, and track information to break down the data into digestible insights. Beautiful interfaces make presenting progress to stakeholders easy and effective.

Seamless collaboration

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Worldfavor’s usability simplifies reporting information for everyone, whether you’re a native to the platform or in it for the first time. Invite your colleagues and access all data in one place. 

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Worldfavor solutions are all you need to accelerate and scale your organization’s sustainability work.

Pick the sustainability management plan that suits your company.

"We save time and effort from having to double-check and cross-check data manually. It’s now possible to get an overview of the data automatically in Worldfavor."


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