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ESG monitoring and guidance for VCs

Future-proof your portfolio and ensure sustainable growth. Worldfavor enables you to easily track all relevant ESG data and regulations like SFDR and EU Taxonomy. Our user-friendly platform visualizes your data in neat dashboards that help you detect risks and identify opportunities, while you empower your portfolio companies on their sustainability journey.

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25.000+ organizations in over 130 countries use Worldfavor to streamline ESG data and enable sustainable decisions. 

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Empower your portfolio

Provide guidance for progress

Give your portfolio companies the tools and knowhow to be proactive about their sustainable growth. Reporting data in Worldfavor helps them relate to ESG and set priorities and goals – for free.

Scale up your scope

Ready to grow when you are

Start light and increase your ESG focus when you're ready to grow the scope – our team will guide you every step of the way. Collect relevant ESG data from your portfolio companies and start creating positive impact!

Detect risks

Minimize risk and grow valuation

Gather and analyze ESG data from your portfolio companies in Worldfavor. Detect risks, identify opportunities and make smart decisions. Improve your performance and increase your investments’ value upon exit.

track All relevant metrics

KPIs, check!

Got it all figured out or don’t have a clue? No worries, we guide you every step of the way. Track everything from the most common environmental, social and governance topics to abbreviations like SFDR article 8 and 9, the GHG Protocol, SDGs, TCFD and GRI.


Why portfolio companies love Worldfavor

  • Smooth integration of ESG tracking
  • Reported data can be used to follow sustainable development over time.
  • Opportunities and pain points are easy to detect.
  • Possibility to export, reuse and share reported with other stakeholders
  • Reporting in Worldfavor is free, now and always!
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"We use Worldfavor to easily track the ESG progress of our portfolio companies. We highly value the user-friendliness of the platform for both us and the reporters – it ensures that we gain the right data when we need it, with everything easily manageable in one place!"

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