Worldfavor sustainable sourcing

A platform for sharing sustainability

Worldfavor is a digital sustainability platform that lets companies track and manage their sustainability data. The sustainable sourcing solution allows companies to collect sustainability and compliance information from suppliers and other stakeholders to gain insight about their sustainability work.

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Join Worldfavor by simply creating a Transparency Profile in our platform. It’s easy for you as a supplier to share the environmental, social and governance (ESG) information that your customers request, while you get to track your own sustainability performance – for free!

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Recognize impact, risks and take action

By creating a sustainability profile in Worldfavor and sharing your basic sustainability information within the network, you can be opem about your sustainaget access to a free version of the Sustainable Sourcing solution. Get all data in your very own dashboard view and benchmark your sustainability efforts with other companies in your field.

Seamless collaboration

Reuse your data over and over

Share basic ESG information specifically relevant to your organization once. You can reuse your information to all other buyers who request sustainability information from you in the future. No need to reinvent the wheel.

This is what you get

  • Report your ESG data once – share it to all of your buyers
  • All of your sustainability information in one place
  • Follow your own sustainability progress over time
  • It's free for you as a reporter – now and always


This is where you’ll find the answers to suppliers' most frequently asked questions about Worldfavor Sustainable Sourcing. 

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