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Leading Company Initiates Comprehensive Sustainability Work

with Nadja Pilpilidou, Sustainability & Quality Assurance Manager


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Martin & Servera is the leading restaurant and wholesale specialist in Sweden with daily deliveries of food, beverages, and equipment to nurseries, cafes, restaurants, and major hotel chains, among others.



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Who is Martin & Servera?

Martin & Servera has become the leading restaurant and wholesale specialist in Sweden. Headquartered in Stockholm, the company has strategically placed warehouses in Enköping, Halmstad, Norrköping, and Umeå. It makes daily deliveries of food, beverages, and equipment to nurseries, cafes, restaurants, and major hotel chains, among others. Martin & Servera has customers in both the private and public sectors. Its customer base is unique not only because of public procurement laws, but also high demands on products and traceability.

The variety of products sold and purchased in Sweden, the EU, and the rest of the world is vast. This has had a significant impact on the company’s sustainability work. Martin & Servera is working on a number of issues, not least an initiative designed to ensure that its 1,000+ suppliers meet the company's product sustainability requirements and expectations.


Sustainability Scope

Martin & Servera's sustainability scope

Martin & Servera introduced its code of conduct in 2008 to all its suppliers. The aim is to know that the suppliers from which it purchases its goods and services are aligned with Martin & Servera's business model and its expectations regarding social and environmental responsibility. Manually collecting all the relevant information and working with real-time data and analysis became an overwhelming person-dependent and heavy process. This ultimately led to the decision to purchase a system for managing and monitoring suppliers.



The significance of efficient and person-independent data management

Martin & Servera carried out a thorough investigation to find a solution where suppliers could easily be sent follow-ups, report information themselves, and get an overview of the data. Another priority was to follow up on suppliers’ certificates, a challenging yet important task. Based on this preliminary work, a needs analysis was conducted together with a consultant and the market was carefully scanned. Worldfavor became an interesting and suitable option.

Worldfavor's Sustainable Sourcing solution promised not only to simplify supplier follow up but also enable Martin & Servera’s sustainability information to be collected and viewed in one place.



“We used to work with supplier follow-ups manually. This was time-consuming and made it hard to search, find, and verify data. The process became very person-dependent and a business risk. After careful evaluation, we discovered that Worldfavor's solution matched our needs and requirements very well.”

Nadja Pilpilidou, Sustainability & Quality Assurance Manager

Becoming a professional purchasing organization

Since Worldfavor was chosen and implemented, the focus has been on inviting and collecting data from Martin & Servera’s suppliers. The next step will be to follow up and act on the collected data, which includes everything from certificates to fulfillment of the code of conduct.

Worldfavor’s platform makes data collection much easier to handle and get an intuitive overview, not only for those who work with sustainability but also for colleagues working with purchasing. They are now informed about what stage a supplier is in and use the platform’s map function to decide and plan their next supplier visit.


“A buyer told us that thanks to having the supply information collected in one place, he can use the map function to see where suppliers are and more efficiently plan visits. It was nothing we thought about when we chose to buy the platform, but it’s a positive effect on how we can work with our data."

Nadja Pilpilidou, Martin & Servera

Improved risk management and automated processes

Manual, time-consuming work has now been replaced by the ability to work with helpful functions such as categorization and automatic data collection. Today, Martin & Servera is able to gather the information it needs to identify and act upon possible risks before they start working with a new supplier or stop a collaboration at an early stage.

The number of manual processes has reduced, and a person-indepent process has been implemented. Because of this, it's become easier for suppliers and purchasing and sustainability departments alike to assess and analyze data quickly. Worldfavor’s platform enables companies to store information securely and stay up-to-date regarding its supplier relationships.

“With Worldfavor we get a much better overview. We can categorize and follow up on our suppliers in a completely different way than before. Even before we start working with a supplier, we can make a risk assessment. We can work with our sustainability efforts and build a more professional purchasing organization.” – Nadja Pilpilidou, Martin & Servera.

Solutions used in this case

Sustainable Sourcing

Worldfavor's Sustainable Sourcing Solution empowers companies to build sustainable supply chains, minimize risk, and become resilient.


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