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We know you've set the bar high for your sustainability work and that's something we want to get behind. What if we told you there's a smarter, better way to reach your goals? Maybe even exceed them.

20.000+ organizations in over 60 countries use Worldfavor to streamline sustainability data and enable informed decisions. 

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Managing sustainability just got easier

Worldfavor automates data collection and analyses for you and for your suppliers. Our platform leverages the latest technology to make it easier for companies with complex supply chains to get more and better quality data on all tiers. Gaining visibility and taking control of your supply chain to stay on top of risks and build resilience has never been easier.

Automation and digitalization

Power your sustainability work 

Scrap time-consuming, manual data collection and the endless Excel files. Digitize and automate data collectionto keep everything in one place and everyone in sync. Less admin, more maximizing your impact.

  • Our platform automates data collection, management, and analyses so that you can spend time taking action from the valuable insights you gain. Less admin, more maximizing your impact.

  • Achieve a transparent supply chain by visualizing your chain on a geographical map and see how product chains relate – all the way from farm to shelf.

Being an industry leader

Lead the change people are hoping for

Being an industry leader means taking on challenges that haven’t been tackled before. With Worldfavor, you can leverage our technology to personalize your KPI:s and objectives and effectively work towards your goals. 

  • Define what kind of information you need, from whom, how often, and automate all of the admin that comes with it.

  • Build trust and stay attractive to customers, investors, stakeholders with up-to-date and transparent data that can easily be reported and exported in Worldfavor. Blow your stakeholders away.

Gain full control 

Supply chain scandals are preventable. Here's how

Gain full control of your multi-tier supply chain. Use Worldfavor to mitigate risk – easily collect, track, and manage data on tiers. Because a supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

  • Find the risk before it finds you. Our risk scoring card analysis will help you to identify vulnerabilities in your chain so you can break down the data into actionable insights before it’s too late.

  • Ensure suppliers and sub-suppliers stay compliant with your sustainability standards with automated data collection, follow-ups, and reminders. Save valuable time.

seamless collaboration

Gain a Bird's Eye View with the Network Effect

Boost your supplier relationships and invite them to report sustainability data in Worldfavor - for free! Worldfavor makes it possible for reportes to see their own development over time and use this data themselves, a strong incentive to report. Win-win.

  • By managing your data in a collaborative environment, sharing and delegating data is done with ease. No more time is spent chasing data and everyone’s workload becomes lighter. Everything is gathered in one place. 
  • Delegate responsibilities to the relevant person across business units in your organization - easily ping a colleague to contribute with the data they have access to and are responsible for.
Your own dedicated Customer Success Manager

To help you implement Worldfavor from start to finish, and make sure you're always making the most out of the platform. 

Award Winning Platform

Worldfavor's Sustainability Platform is announced as 2020's winner for Best Digital Sustainability Management Solutions Award globally from

Extensive Expertise

Worldfavor has expertise in the Food industry. We understand the challenges and opportunities you face and develop our software accordingly.

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