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We help over 30,000 organizations understand their impact, fuel action, and stay resilient.

Global Network

The global sustainability platform

Worldfavor's global network connects organizations across the world to access, share, and gain insights from sustainability and compliance data. Our sustainability platform leverages the latest technology to fuel sustainable action internally and through far-reaching value chains.

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Empowering industry leaders today and tomorrow

Worldfavor anticipates your future sustainability needs and develops one step ahead of the market. Join companies like Oatly, Systembolaget, and Nudie Jeans. Being sustainable helps you future-proof your business and stay ahead of competition.

Powerful Solutions

Robust. Smooth. Scalable.

Worldfavor unifies the power of an enterprise platform and the simplicity of SaaS to make sure your sustainability efforts benefit from comprehensive and easy-to use solutions. Built for your needs, scalable for your growth.

Secure technology

Secure and cutting-edge technology

Developed with the latest technology, our platform guarantees collaboration, data collection, and automation in a high-security environment. Keep your sustainability safe with us.

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“It's a huge advantage to have all data collected in one place. Especially in the long-run, when we've collected data from several periods, we'll be able to easily review, follow up, and share the information with colleagues and stakeholders.” 

Linda Mannerby, Head of Sustainability at GRANT THORNTON

Better for your business. Better for our world.

Staying relevant in the 21st century means driving sustainability forward and jumping on opportunities that arise in its wake. We’re here to help you do both.

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Sustainability Management
Sustainable Sourcing
Supply Chain Visibility
Sustainable Investments

Streamline your sustainability efforts

Use Sustainability Management to reach your sustainability goals without the hassle. Collaborate effortlessly, collect data seamlessly, and automatically transform your findings into actionable insights.

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Know your supply chain

Build a resilient supply chain with Sustainable Sourcing. Collect quality supplier data automatically and understand your impact and risks. Sustainable supplier relations are just around the corner.

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Say hello to multi-tier visibility

Use Supply Chain Visibility to get to the root of it. Gain visibility on every tier of your supply chain with crowd-sourced data. Trace your impact, assess your risks, and mitigate them effectively.

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Grow investments sustainably and watch your ROI rocket

Easily track and boost your portfolio’s sustainability performance with Sustainable Investments. Keep each individual portfolio company on the cutting edge, identify opportunities, and mitigate risk.

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