Align with due diligence requirements

Simplified Åpenhetsloven reporting

Comply with Åpenhetsloven, the Norwegian Transparency Act with Worldfavor. Access primary supply chain data, perform human and labor rights due diligence, and create an annual due diligence statement – in one place.

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Quick and easy setup

Align with requirements

Get started swiftly with our standardized Åpenhetsloven setup. Access vital supplier data aligned with the OECD guidelines and build a solid foundation for your annual due diligence statement – and report with ease.

Automated supplier risk assessments

Detect and mitigate risks

Identify potential and actual negative impacts in your supply chain with risk assessments based on global indices for human and labor rights. Pinpoint vulnerabilities and take informed action to mitigate risky business.

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Sustainable sourcing supply chain insights map

How Worldfavor helps you succeed with Åpenhetsloven alignment

Reporting made easy

Reporting in line with Åpenhetsloven doesn’t have to be complicated. Worldfavor’s experts get you up and running in no time, and the easy-to-use platform simplifies the process of gathering key data – year after year.

Free supplier engagement

Accessing crucial supply chain data is as straightforward as it should be. Worldfavor’s platform gives your suppliers the tools they need to share required sustainability information with you – for free, of course!

Start small and scale up

Collect all supply chain insights you need for Åpenhetsloven and expand your scope to other ESG topics over time. Worldfavor's platform covers all your supply chain sustainability data needs and adapts to your growing ambitions.

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