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Supply chain visibility in the beverage industry

Worldfavor enables supply chain visibility in the beverage industry through stellar supplier engagement. Involve your entire supply chain to assess and mitigate risks, like human rights and water stress, map out your products' journey, align with regulations, and drive positive change in the industry.

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How Worldfavor helps the beverage industry excel

Vast beverage industry network

Worldfavor's platform facilitates one of the largest networks in the beverage industry. Access high-quality, primary ESG data from your entire supply chain, including farmers, producers, and importers. Nudge suppliers toward improved practices and drive change.

gain supply chain visibility

Map out all products in your assortment and get a comprehensive view of your supply chain. Visualize your value chain, identify risks connected to each product and supplier, and take action on vulnerabilities to improve your resource efficiency. 


Manage supplier relations

Centralize sustainable procurement and collaborate with your supply chain to gather necessary data. Worldfavor guides and facilitates easy reporting for your suppliers and sub-suppliers and allows you to monitor your sustainability progress in real time.

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"Worldfavor is the obvious tool for driving real change in the alcoholic beverage sector. Today we facilitate transparent data sharing between 5600 companies in the industry and enable our customers to improve human and labor rights throughout global, far-reaching value chains."

Ulrika Sandberg, Senior Sustainability Advisor, Expert in Business and Human Rights at Worldfavor

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