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EU’s new directive, Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) focuses on improving human rights and environmental aspects in global value chains. Worldfavor empowers businesses to prepare and implement a long-term solution for risk management and CSDDD alignment.

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Worldfavor helps companies set up a process to identify and address environmental and human rights risks and impacts in their own operations and supply chains. The platform simplifies the collection of environmental and social data from the value chain and allows long-term sustainability goals to be consistently tackled and met – year after year.

How Worldfavor helps you excel with CSDDD alignment

Identify negative impacts

Follow the guidelines defined in the CSDDD and set up a process for identifying potential and actual negative human rights and environmental impacts within your operations and supply chain.

Mitigate and improve

Utilize data-driven insights to take action on mitigating and preventing adverse impacts in your value chain. Follow your progress and improve your company's sustainability – beyond CSDDD compliance.


Involve key stakeholders

Empower your subsidiaries and suppliers to share crucial data with you on topics like scope 3 emissions, human rights, water and waste management, and code of conduct. The companies you request data from use Worldfavor for free.

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