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CSRD reporting in Worldfavor

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will require companies to disclose information about the social and environmental impacts of their supply chain. Worldfavor supports the collection of supply chain data, covering risk assessment and analysis required for CSRD alignment.

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Informed Double materiality assessment

Identify key impacts

Worldfavor empowers you with the essential tools to identify the impacts of your supply chain, giving you insights to conduct an informed double materiality assessment. Access key data in line with the ESRS standards to understand risks and opportunities, and take smart action to improve your sustainability, and excel in your CSRD reporting!

How Worldfavor helps you with CSRD reporting

Turn mandatory into effortless

Necessary reporting is made easy with Worldfavor's best practice setup. Save time and reach compliance with efficient data tools, supplier engagement, and intuitive analytics.

Prepare double materiality

Identify and understand your supply chain's impact, risks, and opportunities needed for your double materiality assessment. Set targets and monitor progress.

Access top-quality data

Worldfavor's intuitive platform guides your stakeholders in sustainability and equips them with tools that help them share crucial, primary data with you – for free.



Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about CSRD and the ESRS standards and how to get started with reporting.

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