Customer stories

Check out how customers like Oatly and Grant Thornton leverage Worldfavor's sustainability platform to reach their goals.



“No matter where you start or what industry you’re in, there is always room to change and improve."

Annika Hansson, Sustainability Controller


Oatly was growing rapidly, yet much of its global sustainability work was still handled manually. In order to stay aligned with its core business model, its sustainability efforts needed to scale proportionally to its growth.


Implementing a software solution that digitizes data collection, simplifies quality control, and makes it possible to collect all data on a web-based, global platform.


Automating data collection and analyses from all offices, production sites, and partners in one place gives Oatly access to more data, increased transparency, and critical insights that inform business decisions.

GrantThorton Logotype

“Like many companies, sustainability work is a journey. But, we’ve taken big steps.”

Linda Mannerby, Head of Sustainability


Grant Thornton needed to find a way to collect, manage, and follow up large amounts of data from various sources – a huge part of its overall sustainability work.


Find a way to collect, sort, and analyze data automatically and on a detailed level.


Managing sustainability and follow-ups is much simpler for Grant Thornton since implementing Worldfavor's Sustainability Management solution. It’s also made it easier for employees and partners to actively contribute and work with sustainability data.

Martin & Servera Logotype

“We worked manually with supplier follow-ups which was time-consuming and made it very hard to search, find, and verify data. Worldfavor changed all of that.”

Sustainability Manager, Martin & Servera


Martin & Servera needed a way to ensure the sustainability of its products and gain control of its multi-tier supply chain.


Worldfavor's Sustainable Sourcing solution simplifies supplier follow-ups and makes it possible to collect, view, and analyze all sustainability information in one place.


Smooth and automatic data collection and an intuitive overview of insights, no matter what department you work in. Martin & Servera's benefits from a stronger buyer-supplier relationship, thanks to easy supplier reporting through Worldfavor.