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See how customers like Oatly and O'Neill leverage Worldfavor's platform to reach their ambitious sustainability goals.

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7 February, 2024


Adapting to growing sustainability requirements

Hultafors Group

Hultafors Group | Manufacturing | Sustainable Sourcing Adapting to growing sustainability requirements Hultafors Group uses Worldfavor to collect environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data from their companies and supply chain, allowing them to...



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“No matter where you start or what industry you’re in, there is always room to change and improve."

Annika Hansson, Sustainability Controller, Oatly


Oatly was growing rapidly, yet much of its global sustainability work was still handled manually. In order to stay aligned with its core business model, its sustainability efforts needed to scale proportionally to its growth.


Implementing a software solution that digitizes data collection, simplifies quality control, and makes it possible to collect all data on a web-based, global platform.


Automating data collection and analyses from all offices, production sites, and partners in one place gives Oatly access to more data, increased transparency, and critical insights that inform business decisions.

“With Worldfavor’s support, we can expect better and broader insights into our risk analysis, in both the social and environmental spheres. It lets us map out more detailed points for improvement for our suppliers – and that helps us make a difference!”

Renske Lambert, Global Ocean Mission Manager, O'Neill


O’Neill struggled to handle sustainability and supply chain activities efficiently. An internal software upgrade created a need for a new approach to handling data. They sought a solution that could centralize and automate ESG activities while managing crucial supply chain information.


O’Neill uses Worldfavor Sustainable Sourcing to monitor factory and supplier compliance, and to track product stock twice a year, mapping tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers for each product. Together with Worldfavor, O’Neill has onboarded over 104 factories under the Sustainable Sourcing solution.


Worldfavor's intuitive dashboards highlight crucial details, such as audit expirations and risky responses from factories. Worldfavor enhances O'Neill's ESG efforts by centralizing data management and improving risk analysis, fostering trust for workplace improvements.

inven capital

''Keeping up to date with market standards and reporting requirements with Worldfavor is a big help for me, as I don't have to follow the changes in the SFDR regulation so closely.''

Hana Uhlíková, Financial Manager, Inven Capital


Before Worldfavor, Inven Capital faced challenges with new and unclear expectations regarding the SFDR regulation. To stay informed, they needed a systemized approach to its ESG management.


Inven Capital elevates their ESG game with Worldfavor’s Sustainable Investment solution by aligning with SFDR mandates and enabling portfolio companies to calculate their emissions more effectively. They engage with stakeholders to harvest prime data, empowering green evolution.


Worldfavor has simplified ESG management, aligning with SFDR requirements and empowers Inven Capital with expert insights, ensuring top-notch professionalism in ESG matters and streamlined compliance with evolving regulations.