Worldfavor sustainability platform

Sustainable Sourcing



Stay on top of risks, vulnerabilities and competition and build a resilient supply chain.  Worldfavor's Sustainable Sourcing solution makes it easier than ever to boost sustainability for both you and your suppliers.


Worldfavor sustainable sourcing – how it works: 

  • Easily collect and analyze supplier data in a digital platform without the hassle.

  • Make data-driven decisions that mitigate risk and maximize impact.

  • Get an automated overview of the sustainability status in your supply chain with intuitive dashboards.

  • Follow your progress and enable proactivity within your organization.

  • Create smooth, person-independent collaboration that stretches over the entire organization.

  • Empower your suppliers to be proactive. They use Worldfavor for free to report to you and track their own sustainability progress.


Book a free demo to get a customized tour of the platform with a team member, showing you what Worldfavor looks like in action, and answering any questions of yours.

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30,000+ organizations in over 150 countries use Worldfavor to streamline sustainability data and enable informed decisions. 

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