Worldfavor ESG platform

Food and beverage supply chain excellence

Worldfavor helps companies in the food and beverage industry ensure outstanding supply chain sustainability. Mitigate human rights risks, align with due diligence legislation like CSDDD, calculate scope 3 emissions, and ensure food safety across supply chain tiers. Accelerate your positive impact and drive change in your industry.


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How Worldfavor helps the food and beverage industry excel

Drive sustainable change

Pinpoint vulnerabilities and risks in your supply chain, like water and waste management in packaging production, or human rights aspects within farming. Communicate your demands to nudge suppliers toward improved sustainable practices and drive positive change.

Minimize climate impact

Map out your supply chain and measure the environmental and social impact of each food item. Worldfavor allows you to collect scope 3 data, visualize your value chain, and dig deeper into risks, resource efficiency, and food waste.

Ensure food safety

Guarantee the safety of food products from farm, production, and processing to packaging and beyond. Gather all certificates in one place and monitor your suppliers’ and subcontractors’ practices and sustainability fulfillment.


“We used to work with supplier follow-ups manually. This was time-consuming and made it hard to search, find, and verify data. The process became very person-dependent and a business risk. After careful evaluation, we discovered that Worldfavor's solution matched our needs and requirements very well.”

Swedish leader in food wholesales

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