Worldfavor and FIDI for global mobility services

Best practice CO2 calculation for global mobility services

Worldfavor's partnership with FIDI enables companies in the global mobility industry to measure and report their annual environmental impact. Simplify your carbon calculations and sustainability data management while accelerating your positive impact in the industry.

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How Worldfavor and FIDI support global mobility services.

Minimize climate impact

Measure the impact of your company's operations with our CO2e calculator, tailor-made for the global mobility industry. Learn what generates the most emissions and which activities should be prioritized to minimize your climate impact efficiently.

Set an industry standard

The standardized, industry best-practice setup in Worldfavor enables your company to speak a common language and make data-driven decisions that drive sustainable change in the global mobility industry.

Empower your supply chain

Involve your suppliers in our intuitive platform to gather the ESG data you need to report. Suppliers use Worldfavor for free and get access to our CO2e calculator, allowing them to share crucial scope 3 data with you.

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“At Arpin International Group, devoting time and resources to ESG initiatives is central to our culture. Worldfavor was a logical next step in our journey to embrace a holistic approach to easily share, track, and report our global ESG data with multiple stakeholders.”  

Karen Bannon, Director of Marketing and ESG, Arpin International Group, Inc.


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