Worldfavor ESG platfrom
Sustainability excellence in manufacturing

Worldfavor's ESG platform helps the manufacturing industry future-proof through sustainability excellence. Connect with suppliers, gain actionable data insights on improving product sustainability, and create a true positive impact.

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How Worldfavor helps the manufacturing industry succeed

Mitigate risks

Monitor and mitigate risks in your supply chain effectively. Discover vulnerabilities within corruption, water, and waste management and take action where you can be most impactful. Create an efficient process that gives you insights and saves you time and money.

Protect human rights

Protect and maintain human rights in your supply chain. Monitor social aspects, ensure all your suppliers and subcontractors sign your code of conduct, and comply with local due diligence regulations, like Åpenhetsloven and LkSG.

Supplier empowerment

Connect with your suppliers and subcontractors in the platform and give them the tools and guidance to understand ESG and share data with you. The platform's ease of use ensures a high response rate from your suppliers and top-quality ESG data. the best part – Worldfavor is free for suppliers.

It's been a real treat to let go of separate documents that are no longer needed thanks to Worldfavor. To have useful information and data gathered in one place to the greatest extent possible can really facilitate the work with the data collection and further evaluations of it.

Sandya Lang, Sustainability manager at Nudie Jeans



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