Worldfavor ESG platform

Supply chain excellence in pharma and healthcare

Worldfavor helps the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to foster outstanding supply chain sustainability and create a positive impact. Connect with your suppliers and industry peers, accelerate compliance with EU legislation, and comply with human rights and environmental requirements.

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How Worldfavor helps the pharmaceutical industry excel

Regulations and frameworks

Track key data and accelerate your compliance with EU regulations. Access primary environmental, social and governance data directly from your suppliers and subcontractors, and align with CSDDD, CSRD Åpenhetsloven, LkSG, Swiss Ordinance and more.

Supplier empowerment

Connect with your suppliers and subcontractors in the platform and give them the tools and guidance to understand ESG and share data with you. The platform's ease of use ensures you get a high response rate from your suppliers and top-quality ESG data. The best part – Worldfavor is free for suppliers!

Discover the impact of products

Use Worldfavor's product mapping to gain supply chain visibility and discover the impact of each product. Involve your suppliers and subcontractors, collect scope 3 emissions data, make informed sourcing decisions, and maximize your positive impact.


See Worldfavor in action

  • Cover all ESG regulations and frameworks
  • Strong analysis and reporting
  • Free for suppliers to share data