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Partner with Worldfavor to scale your portfolio's ESG performance. We provide portfolio companies with seamless access to data that uncovers hidden risks, allows compliance with legislation, and improves ESG performance. Maximize your valuation and foster positive impact.


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Effortless compliance and insights

Our platform makes it easy for your portfolio companies to track and comply with legal requirements, including CSDDD and local human rights due diligence laws. Dive deep into supply chain insights and equip your portfolio companies to make informed decisions on opportunities and vulnerabilities. Naturally you as an investor have access to all the data in a neat dashboard of your own.

How Worldfavor empowers your portfolio companies with compliance and risk mitigation

industry competence

We help your portfolio companies ensure they're on the right sustainability track. Our industry experts support them and make sure they track relevant KPIs, and report what is critical to you as an investor.

Detect and reduce risk

Hidden risks are likely to lurk in the global supply chains of your portfolio companies. Worldfavor enables them with automated data collection and risk assessments, providing an understanding of how to prioritize action.

Stellar platform

Worldfavor gives your portfolio companies the tools to improve their sustainability consistently. The intuitive platform eases the entire ESG journey, from data collection to analysis and actionable insights – for long-term positive impact.

Renske Lambert

"With Worldfavor’s support, we can expect better and broader insights into our risk analysis, in both the social and environmental spheres. It lets us map out more detailed points for improvement for our suppliers – and that helps us make a difference!"



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