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Support for Worldfavor Customers

Call: If you need help, reach out to your contact person at Worldfavor. Not sure who that is? Write to us in our chat.

Chat: Chat to us directly, accessible when logged into Worldfavor.

Helpdesk: Accessible in our chat. This is where you can find answers to FAQs.

Email: Send us a message at support@worldfavor.com

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Support for reporting users

Do you have questions about why to report data in Worldfavor? Get in touch with your contact person at the company that has requested information from you. If you have questions about how to use the Worldfavor platform, reach out to us in our chat – accessible when logged into Worldfavor. Prefer email? Send us a message at support@worldfavor.com

Helpdesk: Our helpdesk is accessible in our chat when logged into Worldfavor.

Telephone support: We currently don’t offer phone support for reporting users.


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Here are answers to some of frequently asked questions about Worldfavor. Can’t find the answer? Contact us, we're happy to help!

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