Enabling sustainability is our priority no.1

We help over 25,000 organizations to share and access sustainability information to better understand their impact, fuel action and stay resilient.

Scalable sustainability

Why we do what we do

As a sustainability-first company, it’s our duty to take responsibility. For us at Worldfavor, it’s our mission to do it at scale. Our product currently enables over 25,000 organizations to work proactively with their own sustainability while incentivizing stakeholders to do the same. This way, we foster scalable impact.

Here’s our pledge to sustainability!

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Knowledge is power

Our reason for being is to help others become more sustainable, but we are conscious about the fact that our work does not exist without an environmental footprint. We believe that knowledge is power, and that’s why we work proactively with an environmentally sustainable culture where our impact and our efforts are understood by and assigned to each employee.

We’re still small, but being educated means we can make smarter requirements on our stakeholders. Demanding better environmental conditions is our right and our responsibility!

minimizing our own impact

Our suppliers

It’s a priority for us to choose the most sustainable suppliers in our realm of options and try to minimize our environmental footprint to the longest extent possible. We always prioritize working with suppliers who promote sound environmental practices and choose the most sustainable option to us.

data and IT equipment
IT equipment

We want to support a circular economy and we always opt for pre-owned equipment, like mobile phones. We recycle all hardware when it has reached the end of its current life, so that it can go on and become new things. 

Data and cloud services

As a software company, the management and storage of data is our biggest source of emissions, which is why it’s important for us to know that our data service providers are using renewable electricity and are energy efficient. Our data and cloud service provider is Azure, who has a strong commitment to sustainability and reaching net-zero targets.  Read more

People in group

An inclusive workplace

Worldfavor aims to provide an inclusive workplace to all its employees. We promote and maintain an inclusive and diverse workplace, where no individual is discriminated against or singled out for their gender, ethnicity, sexuality, age, beliefs or background, and where all employees feel safe.



Gender equality

Our people are everything to us! A gender equal company is the key to a well oiled company, if you ask us. That’s why we pay extra attention to that and try to maintain a balanced ratio of both men and women in our team.

Worldfavor gender distribution right now:

  • Board of directors: Women: 50% / Men: 50%

  • Management: Women 67% / Men 33%

  • Employees: Women: 60% /Men: 40%

ethical Business conduct

Anti-bribery and corruption

Worldfavor is dedicated to conducting business in an ethical and honest manner, and is committed to implementing and enforcing systems that ensure bribery is prevented. Worldfavor has zero-tolerance for bribery and corrupt activities. We are committed to acting professionally, fairly, and with integrity in all business dealings and relationships, wherever in the world we operate.

ethical business

Ethical funding

Our mission to make sustainability mainstream wouldn’t be possible without rapid growth. As a scale-up in its growth phase, we depend on funding, and we’re extremely happy to have investors who support our mission to be the de-facto platform for sustainability information.

Backed by awesome investors
Spintop Ventures
Brightly Ventures

Better for your business. Better for our world.

We’re here to accelerate transparency and empower sustainable decisions for businesses and individuals. Shaping a future where people, planet, and economy thrive together. 


“Having a gender equal management and board is a given when you are a young tech company whose mission is to make sustainability mainstream.”

Frida emilsson, co-founder & Coo, Worldfavor

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Sustainability Management
Sustainable Sourcing
Supply Chain Visibility
Sustainable Investments

Streamline your sustainability efforts

Use Sustainability Management to reach your sustainability goals without the hassle. Collaborate effortlessly, collect data seamlessly, and automatically transform your findings into actionable insights.

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Know your supply chain

Build a resilient supply chain with Sustainable Sourcing. Collect quality supplier data automatically and understand your impact and risks. Sustainable supplier relations are just around the corner.

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Say hello to multi-tier visibility

Use Supply Chain Visibility to get to the root of it. Gain visibility on every tier of your supply chain with crowd-sourced data. Trace your impact, assess your risks, and mitigate them effectively.

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Grow investments sustainably and watch your ROI rocket

Easily track and boost your portfolio’s sustainability performance with Sustainable Investments. Keep each individual portfolio company on the cutting edge, identify opportunities, and mitigate risk.

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