Sustainable Investments



Worldfavor Sustainable Investments is a digital tool to track and overview your portfolio’s impact and development, but also to empower your portfolio companies on their sustainability journey.  To support your process, standardized methods and established frameworks are readily available. Not only will you as an investor receive a smart interface to track and assess your portfolio companies’ level and progress ­both on an individual and aggregate level. The portfolio companies will also gain value and support through their own user account where they can easily report, track their own progress and identify improvement areas.

Benefits for you as an investor

Automated data collection and the possibility to structure both your internal sustainability information, as well as the portfolio companies’ information, in one single platform.

Overview and analysis of the entire portfolio’s performance or on an aggregated level, as well as for each specific company or sector.

An easy way to share information and best practices to, and among, the portfolio companies, as well as to internal and external stakeholders.

For portfolio companies


Through a standard methodology, the portfolio companies can get support with:

Identifying material focus areas

Understanding risks and opportunities

Developing their work in key sustainability areas

Measuring results and tracking their own progress

When the portfolio companies are ready to take the next step


Companies that are ready to systematize their sustainability management even further can easily upgrade and add other Worldfavor solutions to their account. In addition to Sustainable Investments, the Worldfavor platform offers solutions for Sustainability Management, Sustainable Sourcing, and Sustainable Financing.

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Key Benefits

An easy way to collaborate as well as share information and best practices

Standardized methods and established frameworks

Overview and analysis of the entire portfolio’s performance

Supported Frameworks

Global Reporting Initiative G4

UN Global Compact

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sweden's Environmental Objectives

ISO Standards

And many more…


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