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Future-proof portfolio ESG

Worldfavor's ESG platform supports private market investors at every stage of the investment cycle. Gather crucial ESG data directly from your portfolio companies, align with regulations like the SFDR, and help your investees drive sustainable change. Be the catalyst for positive impact.

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What makes Worldfavor's ESG platform hard to top
Pre-investment due diligence

Identify investment opportunities

Screen your potential investments for alignment with your firm’s ESG strategy and identify valuable prospects. Assess growth potential and investment attractiveness, and detect risks and opportunities that help you qualify prospects. Set targets and ensure your portfolio grows in the right direction.

Improve portfolio ESG during ownership

Empower sustainable growth

Take active ownership to empower your portfolio companies to be proactive and systematic about sustainability. The platform lets your investees actively monitor their supply chain sustainability, granting you as an investor access to high-quality, primary ESG data that helps you meet regulations, improve ESG performance, and ensure seamless reporting to LPs. It's a win-win.

Prepare for exit

Maximize portfolio valuation

Review operational and market aspects and illustrate your ESG progress and impact. Ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate exit-related risks while maintaining investor relations with transparent communication, while preparing the portfolio company for the secondary transaction.

How our platform supports investors boost portfolio ESG

Drive ESG excellence with data

The primary data collected in Worldfavor enables investors to get direct access to actionable insights about portfolio ESG performance. Visualize results and goal development and pinpoint the most impactful actions to drive ESG excellence and sustainable growth.

Improve operational efficiency

Worldfavor’s intuitive platform saves investors time and lets them focus on impact creation. The digitized data collection, AI-powered tools, and automated risk scoring enable scalable ESG work and LP-reporting while eliminating needless admin and scattered spreadsheets.

Empower portfolio companies

Worldfavor’s platform is easy to use and free for data sharing. The smart tools and sustainability guidance allow portfolio companies to easily understand ESG and report data to many investors at once, minimizing the reporting burden and enabling proactive sustainability work. Companies can easily advance and start tracking their own sustainability.

SEB Carl Gustavsson

"Estimates simply don’t capture the improvement. What I think in the end distinguished Worldfavor from the closest competitors was that they clearly understood our needs and spoke our language, which helped ensure that we got what we were asking for."

Carl Gustavsson, SEB Private Equity

Discover how our customers use Wolrdfavor to foster sustainable investments.

Worldfavor's SFDR solution helps Inven Capital gather key data, including all required KPIs, while keeping them up-to-date with regulatory changes, relieving the pressure of staying informed.

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SEB Private Equity uses Worldfavor to align with SFDR and track crucial ESG data. It helps them monitor their fund's performance and empowers their portfolio companies to improve performance consistently.

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By using Worldfavor for data collection, StartGreen Capital, an article 9 fund, has improved its ESG data quality, allowing it to calculate its portfolio companies' CO2 reductions.

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NordicNinja is a VC fund supporting European companies with innovative technology. They use Worldfavor to collect data in line with SFDR Article 8 requirements as a part of their SFDR commitment.  

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ESG needs that Worldfavor supports

Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions

Set your scope and calculate your emissions. Follow the Science Based Targets initiative and make sure you have a consistent way of minimizing your climate impact with Worldfavor's platform.

Swift onboarding, instant impact

  • Alignment on ESG needs and scope.
  • Start collecting key data within weeks.
  • Get a dedicated contact person and individual guidance
  • Worldfavor guides and onboards portfolio companies
  • Leverage the platform to analyze and visualize data, freeing you time to drive impactful change.


See Sustainable Investments in action

  • Scale ESG scope as you go
  • Strong analytics tool
  • Free for portfolio companies sharing data