Worldfavor for sustainable sourcing

Build a resilient supply chain

Worldfavor leverages network technology to simplify sustainability for you and your suppliers. Digitize data collection and automate risk assessments. Make data-driven decisions that mitigate risk and maximize impact.

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Get proactive

Mitigate risk

Boost supplier relationship




Collect supplier data and build resilience

Track progress over time by digitizing data collection and supplier assessments. Get your hands on more data throughout your chain and build resilience effectively by knowing where to focus your efforts.

Know supply chain risks and impact

With automated analyses and intuitive dashboards, discover and mitigate supply chain risks. Get notified about risky business and don't let anything slip between the cracks. 

Empower suppliers and improve your relationship

Invite suppliers to Worldfavor and make it easy for them to report to you and others and gain insights. Benefit from improved supplier relationships and obtain more, better data.


Our sustainable sourcing solution in a nutshell

Automate data collection

Scale your supplier assessment scope

Automating data collection and supplier assessments makes it possible to handle more supplier data throughout your chain. Use your newfound time to drive sustainable change.

Actionable insights

Know your impact and risks and take action

Automatically understand the sustainability status and risks in your supply chain with intuitive dashboards. Filter, compare, and track information to break down the data into actionable insights. Stay proactive and build resilience.

Seamless collaboration

Synced and collaborative teamwork

Scrap the endless Excel files. Collaborate seamlessly with multiple internal users and suppliers on our global cloud-based platform. Access and manage all supplier information in one place.

Quality supplier data

Valued suppliers. Better data.

We make it easy for suppliers to report sustainability data to you and others. By making it possible for suppliers to reuse answers and by giving them access to their own dashboards to track progress, we ensure they reap value from reporting quality data. Newton’s third law.


More than a platform

  • Connect and share data through a global network
  • All sustainability information in one place
  • Free reporting and valuable insights for suppliers
  • Proven expertise in supply chain sustainability
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Worldfavor brings value to us, our suppliers, and shops which encourages them to share data. Because of this, we've increased our response rate from suppliers and shops – we have better data and more of it than ever.

Sandya Lang, Sustainability manager at Nudie Jeans

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Streamline your sustainability efforts

Use Sustainability Management to reach your sustainability goals without the hassle. Collaborate effortlessly, collect data seamlessly, and automatically transform your findings into actionable insights.

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Say hello to multi-tier visibility

Use Supply Chain Visibility to get to the root of it. Gain visibility on every tier of your supply chain with crowd-sourced data. Trace your impact, assess your risks, and mitigate them effectively.

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Grow investments sustainably and watch your ROI rocket

Easily track and boost your portfolio’s sustainability performance with Sustainable Investments. Keep each individual portfolio company on the cutting edge, identify opportunities, and mitigate risk.

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Access hard-to-get ESG data at scale

The easiest way to collect and manage comparable ESG data at scale on unlisted companies and SMEs – globally. Gain insights to finance a sustainable future and empower companies to accelerate their sustainability efforts

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