Sustainable Sourcing

Minimized admin, optimized control

Integrated with your company’s sustainability performance is the behavior and impact of your value chain. Worldfavor Sustainable Sourcing minimizes the admin load related to data compilation during this task – to free up your time for the actual strategy and progress.

Sustainable Sourcing is a complete solution for data collection, assessment, and analysis of sustainability and compliance criteria within your company’s value chain – making the process fully digital and as automated as possible. Sustainable Sourcing works just as good for assessing external partners, such as suppliers or holdings, as for internal units such as offices or projects.

Your criteria


The intuitive interface makes it simple to set up the requirements and indicators you wish to request from suppliers or internal units. You may use existing questions from international frameworks or customize your own and group them into collections, which are then distributed to relevant categories of suppliers or units.

Automated collection works for you


When these requests have been distributed to the reporting entities, Worldfavor will handle all the collection, reminding and compilation of data automatically. Each reporting entity will receive their own account with their own dashboard at no cost.

Clear analytics


All the data you receive is automatically compiled and presented to you in clear analytics based on your own rules and deadlines. You will be notified on deviations and be able to analyze results on an aggregated level, with the possibility of going deep into details of each entity’s data when needed.

Need setup support?

If self-setup is not your thing, we can support you in setting up your customized value chain solution.

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Key Benefits

Automated data collection

International frameworks

Intuitive dashboard & clear analytics

Free for suppliers/reporting partners

For Suppliers

Report Compliance for Free

Worldfavor allows you as a supplier to report your compliance at no cost and re-use your answers.


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