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Accelerate your supply chain sustainability

Use Worldfavor’s platform to track your supply chain's ESG performance and access actual data from suppliers. Gain insight, take action, and drive sustainable change. All in one intuitive tool.

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Turn data into action

Assess your supply chain’s ESG performance and uncover hidden risks and opportunities. Industry best-practice measures and strong analytics help you collect the right data and make good use of it.

  • Get your baseline and monitor suppliers' ESG status

  • Take smart action based on data-driven insights


Accelerate compliance

Comply with mandatory ESG regulations by measuring key data, and go beyond what’s expected of you with voluntary initiatives. We keep a close eye on the landscape and guide you in what metrics to follow.

  • Track and align with CSDDD, CSRD, and other legal frameworks

  • Follow the OECD Guidelines and report for local human rights due diligence legislation, such as Åpenhetsloven

Sustainable sourcing reduce supply chain emissions

Reduce supply chain emissions

Measure supply chain emissions and accelerate your road to net zero. Data straight from the source helps you pinpoint your biggest impact, supporting consistent reduction of your carbon footprint.

  • Gather scope 3 data from your suppliers, discover your climate impact, and set a reduction plan

  • Enable suppliers to assess and share their emissions with our free CO2 calculator


Empower your suppliers

Connect with your suppliers and give them the tools to adopt sustainable business practices. Suppliers report their information effortlessly, giving you the high-quality ESG data you need to drive supply chain sustainability at scale.

  • Suppliers use Worldfavor for free for sharing data, calculating emissions, and getting guidance on ESG topics

  • Easy to use, understand, and report.

Sustainable sourcing supply chain enablement and guidance

"Worldfavor has improved the response rate from our suppliers and shops. We have better data and more of it than ever.

Sandya Lang, Sustainability manager at Nudie Jeans

ESG needs that Worldfavor supports


Prepare for the upcoming EU directive on human rights and environmental due diligence. Identify and take action to prevent or mitigate adverse impacts on human rights and the environment in your own operations, subsidiaries, and supply chain.

human rights
Human rights due diligence

Collect human rights due diligence data from your supply chain and get actionable insights to comply with HRDD legislation, like Åpenhetsloven, LkSG, and international standards, such as the OECD guidelines.

ghg protocol emissions
Supply chain emissions

Measure and reduce your supply chain's climate impact by tracking scope 3 emission data. Enable your suppliers to share factual emission data with the free CO2 calculator in the platform. Follow the Science Based Targets initiative and set a plan to reduce your climate impact consistently.


Set up a process to future-proof yourselves against the EU's latest reporting directive. Gather relevant insights from your supply chain to be able to describe the impacts, risks, and opportunities for your material topics.

Unlock supply chain sustainability with our stellar platform

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Supplier ESG baseline and performance assessment

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Detect and mitigate risk

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Conduct supply chain due diligence

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Align with CSDDD and CSRD

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Track local regulations, e.g. LkSG and Åpenhetsloven

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Track voluntary standards, e.g. SBTi, TCFD and SDGs

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Generate topic-specific reports with a click

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Automated analysis and recommendations

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Multi-tier supply chain mapping

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Report and share ESG data with stakeholders

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ESG guidance and learning

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CO2 emission calculator

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Worldfavor can help you today

  • Scale ESG scope as you go
  • Strong analytics tool
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