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Worldfavor helps investors and companies with deep and complex value chain structures to understand and transform sustainability performance and create long-term, positive impact. Our platform is used by more than 30,000 companies in numerous industries to access and share ESG data.


This is how Worldfavor's easy-to-use ESG platform can help you transform your industry:

  • Track ESG data and align with regulations and frameworks
  • Monitor and boost your supply chain sustainability
  • Find and mitigate sustainability risks 
  • Measure scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions
  • Discover the impact of your products
  • Involve suppliers, subsidiaries, and portfolio companies for free
  • Automate data collection, visualize results, and report in line with requirements

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For PE and VC investors

Monitor and boost portfolio ESG

  • Integrate ESG and monitor performance
  • Track SFDR, CSRD, and voluntary initiatives
  • Generate reports with a click
  • Portfolio enablement tools and guidance
For supply chains

Engage your entire supply chain

  • Get baseline, identify risks and ESG performance
  • Actionable insights from high quality data and analytics
  • Track legislation, like CSDDD and CSRD
  • Monitor and reduce supply chain emissions

"We save time and effort from having to double-check and cross-check data manually. It’s now possible to get an overview of the data automatically in Worldfavor."



Harness the power to transform your industry

  • Scale ESG scope as you go
  • Strong analytics tool
  • Free for companies sharing data